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My dearest... Loki x Reader

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My dearest (Y/N),

 I must beg your forgiveness, I know it has been ages since last I wrote you. I’m afraid I have been otherwise disracted. But do not mistake my absence for lack of care, I have missed you terribly. Not a moment has passed when you do not interrupt my thoughts. Even as I sit upon Odin’s throne, I desire nothing more than your presence. Alas, that dawn has yet to break. If it were in my powers to direct the sun and moon, I would have them quicken their pace so, that I may once again bask in the rays of your beauty.

 My deception has yet to be discovered and I’m am closing in on the moment when Asguard will truely be ours. Yes, my love, ours. All of this, all that we have endured, is for us. That we may rule the nine realms together. Imagine it. You, on a throne beside mine, looking out over the vastness that will be our kingdom. You will be a feared and powerful ruler. I’ve known that from the moment I laid eyes upon you.

 Never shall I forget that day.

 I had just summoned my army to crash upon the banks of New York. I rode down to the streets to see the unveiling of my destruction and start of my rule, when from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of you. Your eyes stared directly into mine and although, it may have only been a short moment, for me, time seemed to stop.

 Never before had my eyes beheld such beauty. You stood from your chair with such a boldness that Thor, in even his most arrogant years, could have never matched. I knew then, as I watched you stare me down with your beautiful grin, standing above those who cowered around you, that you were the only one who could rule beside me. The only one who could equal me in greatness.

 All I ask, in this time appart, is that you have patience. The moment I am able, I will send for you and you will finally see the greatness of our fair city. The beauty of our golden palace and the people who will bow as you approach them. I can not help but revel in the thought of you standing above our subjects.

 Can you just imagine it? The entire nine realms at our feet. The way the people will fear us. The gifts they will bring you. The respect they will give me, as the rightfull King of Asguard. My darling, we will be fierce! The heavens themselves will bend in hopes to catch but a glimpse of our glorious reign.

 My time is running short, I must return to the throne. But please know that my love for you is unwaivering and burns with a fire so bright, the sun seems just a candle. When last we spoke you told me that you would wait for me. I pray your feelings have not faultered and you prepare for the day when I send for you.

 I dream of our reunion often and yearn for the day when my dreams become reality. I long for the day when you are back in my arms and I can feel your lips upon mine. For the moment, when I can smell the perfume the lingers at the base of your neck and in your hair. For the warmth of your hand in mine. And for the night, when I will remind you of the intensity of my love.

 Think of me as often as I think of you.

 Eternally yours,

               Loki of Asguard

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“I’m… I’m literally doing nothing?” 

“…Men… I swear… sometimes I just can’t… where’s my crunchy peanut butter?” 


A/N: Poor Loki. I’m always so moody. haha *cries*. (Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open btw. Who wants to be my first?)


Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader

Summary: Your abilities as a half Frost Giant terrify you, but you soon find out you’re not the only freak on Asgard.

A/N: I’ll hopefully get a couple more fics posted today, one will possibly be a second part to I Think We’re Gonna Like It Here. Also, thank you to @slutamores for requesting this, hope you like it :)

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You stared down at your shaking hands, trying to stop the tears splashing into your open palms. You were a freak, a monster. Those were the only thoughts going through your distraught mind as you glared at your icy blue skin, willing it to fade back to its usual colour. Curiously, you reached out and touched a flower growing nearby. You gasped in horror as it froze and wilted before your eyes.
This garden had always been a safe haven for you; when you couldn’t control your powers, you could hide away from the rest of Asgard until you were in control again. Your mother had never seen fit to tell you that you were half Frost Giant, apparently “it didn’t change who you were”. You snorted in disbelief as you recalled her words; in your opinion, if it turned your skin blue and your eyes fiery red, it definitely changed who you were.
You froze in fear as you heard the gate to the garden creak open. You prayed that it was just the wind, but there was no wind. You made to pull the sleeves of your dress over your hands to hide your frosty blue complexion, but you were relieved to see that it had faded away.
“(Y/N)?” came a familiar voice from round the corner. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you got to your feet and walked slowly to where you’d heard the voice calling from.
“Loki,” you greeted your friend. “I didn’t know you were coming here.”
The raven haired prince’s thin lips formed a frown as he studied your face. “I saw you running from the great hall. I was worried about you.”
You twisted your fingers together nervously. “As you can see, I’m fine.”
He chuckled quietly. “(Y/N), you can’t lie to me. You can’t beat me at my own game.”
He reached out slowly and took your hand in his. You watched in horror, expecting your touch to hurt and freeze his pale skin. He tilted his head to the side curiously.
“(Y/N), please tell me what troubles you,” he whispered. “I hate seeing you upset.”
At his words, your mask crumbled. Tears welled in your eyes, and you snatched your hand from his grasp. “I’m a freak, a monster,” you whispered. “Look.”
You held your palm up to face him, and concentrated with all your power to change your skin. You felt the familiar icy burn as your skin became rough and cold, your eyes stinging with tears as they turned blood red. You couldn’t bear to look at his face and see the fear, the disgust, in his eyes.
Your eyes snapped up to lock on your hand as Loki placed his palm flat against yours. Your mouth hung half open in disbelief as you took in the blue swirls and ridges adorning his previously deathly pale skin. Slowly, your eyes moved up to look into his eyes. His ruby red eyes.
“You’re not the only freak around here,” he said quietly. You watched, unable to from words, as he linked his fingers with yours carefully, still holding them up for you to see. “See? We’re the same.”
You frowned slightly. “But if you’re a Frost Giant, that must mean-,”
“I am not a son of Odin,” he finished, smiling sadly. “Unfortunate, isn’t it?”
“How do you hide it?” you asked shyly. “I can’t control it, it feels like it controls me.”
Pity flickered across his face, and you watched as his skin faded back to ivory. His clear blue eyes never left yours, which were still a glassy red. You felt hot tears welling in them; you didn’t feel so confident when it was just you looking like a monster.
“It takes time,” he told you, squeezing your icy hand in his. You expected him to flinch, but his expression didn’t change. “I will help you as best I can.”
You nodded, letting out a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding. “I thought you would hate me,” you half-laughed. You couldn’t help it; you’d spent weeks terrified that he would turn his back on you.
“I could never hate you,” Loki said gently. “How could I hate you, when you’ve made me realise I’m not alone?”
As he said that, you felt your skin warming, and you nearly cried out in relief as it faded back to its normal tone. You were suddenly aware of the fact that Loki was still holding your hand, and you felt your cheeks burning red. It was just one extreme to the other with you today.
“Next time this happens, call for me and I will help you,” he told you as you both moved to sit on a nearby marble bench. You smiled gratefully, running your thumb across his knuckles gently.
“Thank you, Loki. For everything,” you said quietly. He lifted his free hand to cup your cheek carefully, turning your face gently to look into his eyes.
“You are so beautiful. You are not, and never will be, a freak to me,” he whispered. You chuckled quietly.
“Try saying that when my eyes look like blood, and my skin turns to ice.”
Loki shook his head. “Your eyes are not blood to me, they are rubies. And do not forget that my skin is just as icy as yours, and you still find no fault in it.”
You smiled softly. “I could never find fault in you.”
He leaned in slowly, pressing his lips ever so gently to yours. You barely moved your lips against his, letting him lead. As quickly as it had begun, it was over.
“You are no freak to me,” Loki whispered again, resting his forehead against yours.

My Frosty_ Loki x Reader

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Word Count: 617 :P

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: All mentioned Avengers belong to MCU

Author’s Note: Requests are still open. Here’s my ask.

Master List

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Second Person POV

“Hey, has anyone seen Loki?” You asked to no one in particular. Bruce and Tony were in the lab, Nat and Steve were watching the tele, Clint was working on his bow and Wand an Vizh were doing whatever they did in their free time.  However your boyfriend hadn’t been seen since this morning.

“”Mr. Laufeyson is in your room Miss” FRIDAY’s voice rang out over the speakers. You tanked the AI and rushed to the aforementioned location. Loki almost never spent time alone in your shared room. He was usually either reading or arguing with Thor, so this was odd. Arriving at your door you softly rapped your knuckles against the wood.

“Go. Away…” came a reply in an attempt to sound hostile but failing. His voice was small and broken, like you had never heard it before. Without hesitating you pushed the door open gently. You gasped, seeing the state of the room. Chairs were overturned and books had been thrown about. Your vanity mirror had been shattered by what was was probably Loki’s fist. Finally your eyes landed on him, curled in a ball near the window.

“Please, Y/N… just go…”

“You know I can’t do that love.” You said treading carefully to sit next to him. “What’s bothering you?”

“It’s nothing.” He said firmly, still not looking up.

“Oh bullshit Loki.”

Finally he looked up, your eyes meeting blue skin and bright red eyes. “I’m a monster…” he grumbled not looking you in the eyes.

“Nope, I don’t accept that. “ You said fetching a nearby mirror and handing it to him. “Tell me what you see?”

He sighed. “I see… blood red eyes of a murderer and that icy blu skin of a barbaric people who have killed so many. That’s what.”

“Well, I see eyes the colour of rubies and the prettiest cardinal. Blue skin of Jotunheim, yes, but it’s your skin. The colour of cobalt and freshly fallen snow or a beautifully unpredictable ocean. And these markings?” You said tracing the patterns on his forehead. “Are completely unique to you.”

‘Is that really how you see me?”

Of course love. Sure you made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? Not me, not Nat or Tony or even Cap. But the mistakes we make shape us, make us a better person. Being an Avenger means having blood on your hands, but that’s what pushes us to better.” You finished ignoring the numbness your hands that cupped Loki’s cheeks.

“I don’t deserve you Y/N…” He said forlornly 

“Nobody deserves anything, or anyone/ We just choose to love those we do because we think, no, we know they are someone who will care for us.”

“Thank you love.” He said finally meeting your eyes.

“For what? Honesty?”

“For loving me, even when I couldn’t love myself.”

    Without another word you pulled him close and kissed him.  The kisses you shared never lost their spark, filled with passion and love and faith. Sometimes, like now, laced with touches of need, sadness, and gratitude. His frosted lips moved against your warm ones in perfect harmony. You stayed like that for what felt like hours, with your hands tangled in his black hair and his lithe arms wrapped around your back. But as Robert Frost once said ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ and you pulled away, resting your forehead against his. Opening  your eyes slowly you spoke.

“I love you so damn much. Blue skin and all.” You said breathily

“I love you too… and I’m never letting you go.” He replied