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Where Bucky turns 100

They originally got it as a gag gift but after seeing how genuinely happy he was no one had the heart to tell him it was a joke.

Steve hates everyone now because Bucky won’t let him go on a mission without it… just in case.

“There’s a Cap on my cake…”

Happy 100th Birthday Bucky! 🎂 PS. I’m glad I did not attempt to draw 100 candles. 1 candle is all I can handle. (Oh that rhymed! 😀)  

I can’t confess my love for Ororo Munroe enough. She has been and will ALWAYS be my favorite superhero. 

CHECK OUT HOW THIS WAS MADE in this painting process video below!

Painting Process - Ororo the Storm

More of these How To videos and Painting Processes to come in the future! Enjoy :D

Sneak Peek- “Catharsis” by Jessie Lucid. So excited to have finished this Illustration for ‘Not Without You-A Stucky Anthology’. It’s for the fic 'Night Shade’ by @hitlikehammers . I’ll release the full image after the book comes out. @notwithoutyoufanbook