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Thank U to Carol for tagging me in this you’re the bestest (also your full name is so pretty??? Carolina is one of my fav names im shook)

Name: Isa (Isabella, but Isa is easier lol)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5’9″ (maybe taller?)

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff!!

Favorite Color: Yellow/Periwinkle blue

Favorite Animal:  Octopi, Arctic Puffins, doggos, sharks

Current Time: 4:44 PM MAKE A WISH

Cats or Dogs: dogs, but cats are pretty chill!

Favorite fictional characters: lolllllll. Jim Kirk (star trek), Hikaru Sulu (star trek), Rey (star wars), Hermione Granger (harry potter), the Baudelaire Orphans (asoue), Hercules Mulligan (hamilton), Eliza Schuyler (hamilton), Steve Rogers (mcu), America Chavez (marvel comics), Kamala Khan (marvel comics), Derek Nurse (check please) ok I Need To Stop Right Now or this will go on forever.

Number of blankets I sleep under: one in the summer, like five in the winter

Favorite singer/band: The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Charlie Puth, Broadway, Kelly Clarkson, nu-modern/folk music of any kind.

Dream Trip: oh gosh oh gosh. I love Europe!! Or maybe the northern coast of Canada. Definitely Cuba, though, because that’s where my family is from!!

Dream Job: Social activist or high school English teacher

When has this blog hit its peak: Last summer when a post I made got 96000 notes. But it’s peaking rn in terms of theme and content!

Why did you decide to get a Tumblr: At the beginning of 9th grade when I got my first smartphone, so… two and a half years ago? Damn. rip my social life. I realized that that’s where all the funny posts on instagram came from, and I was just getting into fandoms (@ percy jackson)

When was this blog created: Oops. See above question.

Why did I pick my URL: I had cycled through a bunch and I wanted something non-fandom-specific, and I like stars, and puffins are squishy birbs. So here I am.

AIGHT Imma tag @noeysoulgem @hackerhacked @dontyouhearthewhispers @fandom-jumper01 @notfornothingx @penguin0613 you are all Cool People!!!


You know how I never do comics? Well I’ve done one and it’s not even for one of my main fandoms I don’t know how this happenned

Inspired by this tweet (and @limoncello-bella who sent it to me) :

Basically punk!Bucky and skinny!Steve domestic modern AU where no one ever imagine that they’re together (not even in a romantic way, just that they might know each other???) Checkout lady is mind-blown by the idea that this nice small boy might know this big scary guy (she has noooo ideeeaaaa)

Sketchup is a blessing and I’m never doing background any other way again. Not v happy with the colors but I had no idea what to do, so i’m posting it like that. Full view please, and don’t repost! Thanks! ♥



The return of Darryl. Check it out!

  • DC Fans: Suicide Squad was awesome I can't wait for Wonder Woman next year
  • DC: hey we're already giving you a movie about the most iconic female superhero of all time, but since you liked the Squad so much how about we start planning a couple solo movies about the female lead and the POC lead even though it's only been a few months?
  • Marvel Fans: it's been nearly a decade since Natasha Romanoff first arrived in the MCU and we still would really love a solo movie about her, could you please take our wishes into account?
  • Marvel: Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming!!

I swear he is the real life Captain America on twitter.