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Look, if you like Brie Larson as Captain Marvel that’s fine but I’m just saying, it’s ridiculous that we have a shit ton of male superheros all played by actors in their 40s and 50s but when we have a movie that’s about a character that’s canonically a minimum of 40 years old, we get yet another actress in her 20s.

Carol Danvers is a woman with seniority in the military, taking that away in the MCU just to cast a young woman is really shitty???

Like yes i acknowledged that they’re probably going to start danvers’ cinematic story when she’s younger,  but apparently y’all don’t seem to get that that’s exactly what is fucked up and making me angry!!!

The MCU lacks women in positions of power, they had the perfect chance here to cast a slightly older woman in a senior position in the military, a Full Bird Colonel!! But no, full bird colonels are on average 40 years old. Larson cannot do that. I was looking forward to seeing a woman in the MCU who can tell people what to do and have them do it, no question. 

She’s now probably  just going to be a young officer with little authority. So much for wanting to see a woman with actual authority in the MCU.

I’m done with constantly manipulated Natasha Romanoff, and Maria Hill who got shoved aside as soon as their shield has fallen plot twist and then slowly forgotten about. I’m fed up with having to watch Peggy Carter’s journey of being constantly demeaned and shoved into the love interest box instead of the story of when she is powerful and forming shield. 

Making her younger is shit, okay. It’s shitty. They did not have to do that. If she suddenly becomes her superhero identity in infinity war like speculated, she’s not going to get any screen time as it! Not in an avengers movie. Her time as an authority figure will have her shoved in the background. 

whatever this is just shit ok