“Captain Marvel should smile more” “she looks so serious all the time” “she lacks charisma” “she’d look better with a smile”


Edit: Jane Ritt made these photoshops that Brie later posted on her instagram stories, as a response to some random dude on twitter changing the Captain Marvel posters and trailer scenes to make her smile and claiming “i fixed Captain Marvel”.

my headcanon for nick fury not calling captain marvel in right away is that they had a bet back in the 90s on how long nick will survive without her help. they bet on 30 years, and nick almost caved when battle of new york happened but that suicidal motherfucker yeeted the nuke into space so it was all good, no need for carol yet when he has the avengers, but then the avengers broke apart and nick silently prayed that theyd reunite to kick thanos’ ass but they failed and that is why he said “motherfucker” in disappointment at the end of infinity war, cause only 2 damn years left and he’d win the fuckin bet of the century but the Avengers had to go and Be The Worst At Everything and make him lose the stupid bet God dammit

peter: nono it was so cool, mr stark! i webbed in there and he was all like KNIFE TO MEET YOU and he stabbed me and i was like woah!! nice one!! and th -

tony: you got??? stabbed???

peter: well yeah but like hE MADE A PUN MR STARK


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