Honestly, this Captain Marvel/ Wonder Woman mishegas is the biggest, most glaring example of the anti-DC bias in the media, especially since it started before the DCEU. 

When we were balls deep in phase one of the MCU which was five male-led films all with one to two female characters each, the only thing DC was making was the Dark Knight trilogy, DC was getting smashed all over for not making a Wonder Woman film. In the entirety of the 2000s, DC only made films about four different characters (one of them being female but sure, don’t mention that…).

Fast forward a bit, now we’re suffering through phase 2 of the MCU and the DCEU has now technically begun. And now we’re introduced to the biggest piece of shit phrase that ever graced the Marvel vs DC sides of the internet: “Marvel can make a movie about a talking raccoon and DC can’t make Wonder Woman”. 

Which, at the time was about half fair. DC had admittedly been in the wrong for waiting so long to make Wonder Woman, but where was Marvel’s Wonder Woman? Where was Captain Marvel, or Black Widow, or She-Hulk, or Spider-Woman, or any female character that wasn’t a mutant or Sue Storm? Where was it? It wasn’t there. They were too busy making “a movie about a talking raccoon”.

Fast forward to the present. Captain Marvel has a face to her name, a face that we won’t see in any movie for, at the very least, another year and in her own movie, another four years. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s solo film, her own film that she is the lead hero of, the thing that everybody wanted for years, the movie that DC has been criticized for not making for god knows how many years, is in post production. It’s coming. There’s a trailer. It was at comic con. The release date is refreshingly close.

And now what are people saying about it?

That it was rushed.

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Hello! I saw that your requests are open, I was wondering if you would draw Steve and Bucky, maybe curled up together with comforting colors? Soft yellows, pinks, things like that!


so sorry for the wait, here’s soft Steve and Bucky curling up on their bed because they’ve been through enough

My character/palette requests are open!

i cannot believe the article about marvel doing the right thing in essentially discarding female representation for ten years and the claim that dc doing Wonder Woman first is only to compete with their domineering stance on the movie front. just no. marvel definitely fucked up and they should be told. all of this only highlights to me the way the media tug on marvels dick for any form of content no matter the quality and dismiss what dc does as just a failure before it’s even been made. the article even had the audacity to say that wonder woman wont mean anything if it isn’t well reviewed??? i mean it’s almost a given when you look at dcs track record, no matter what they do it’s always overshadowed by marvel who ‘did it better’ or even 'the right way’.

let me take a direct quote from the article to highlight exactly what i have been talking about

'Feige wasn’t making female representation in the world’s most popular franchise a priority. But as frustrating as Feige’s comments may have been, it’s much easier now to admire the chess game Marvel has been playing.’

and one concerning dc

'Though they fared fine at the box office, those DC films were lambasted by critics, forcing the studio to soldier on in the shadow of a damaged brand. And if Marvel hadn’t already learned to take it slow and steady with directorial selection after losing first Patty Jenkins on Thor 2 and, more publicly, Edgar Wright on Ant-Man, then Warner can, again, serve as a reminder. Thor 2 and Ant-Man were, at least, lower-stakes projects. Warner Bros. lost director Michelle MacLaren from Wonder Woman and Seth Grahame-Smith from The Flash, two big movies the studio absolutely has to land in order to keep any momentum on The Justice League franchise. Hopes are high, yet easily shaken when it comes to Wonder Woman which is now in the hands of Patty Jenkins. But if that movie fails to land with audiences, Warner Bros. won’t get any extra credit for bringing fans a female-led superhero film first.’

the article also continually goes on about marvel using a 'take it slow’ attitude concerning female representation. i mean is that what you want from one of the worlds most popular brands?

i mean if that doesn’t say exactly what’s going on in the media concerning both companies rn then idk if you can be convinced otherwise.

as a sidenote they also talked shit about fox and sonys attempts at making comic book movies so i mean



A new document is circling the internet that apparently reveals the release dates for trailers of many upcoming Disney and Warner Brothers movies. The final ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer will apparently drop on September 30th and the first ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ teaser will drop on October 15th! These are not yet officially confirmed!

The thing that pisses me off so much about that article is that it reinforces that there’s something SPECIAL or RISKY about female led action projects, and that it’s SO MUCH better to wait for the perfect project, the perfect moment, the best team of people with the best story and the best characters.

This all SOUNDS good until you remember that while female geeks have been waiting 15 movies for a single shot at fair and equal representation, male geeks have plenty of mediocre to awful films produced with male leads just inside the MCU. Where’s our Ant Man? Where’s our Thor 2?

The idea that the MCU’s first ever female led project needs to be exceptionally good reinforces a toxic idea that female led projects are not allowed to be just sort of good, just good enough, or fail completely. By extension, women and girls are being cheated out of their opportunity to fail.

Failing is important, failing means learning from mistakes, failing is a step toward learning how to keep trying rather than just give up. Women can’t fail because their failures are seen as evidence of an inherent lack of skill, especially in male dominated settings like comic books, action, and STEM.

You wanna know why the majority of female led superhero projects are so bad? I would argue that it’s in part because they are written, directed, and produced almost entirely by men, but in large part its because there’s 1 Supergirl movie and 6 Superman movies, 8 live action Batman movies to 1 Catwoman movie, 15 MCU movies centering men and ZERO centering a female character.

These films are not going to get better while Hollywood is being “strategic” about their female led projects by putting them off, they can’t get better if you don’t go ahead and MAKE THEM.

Fool Me Once (Bucky x Steve x Reader)

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No word yet on what ‘MU’ will be. It could stand for ‘Marvel Universe’ and be a universe-wide event, or more interestingly, it could refer to the lost fictional continent of ‘Mu’ which was first mentioned in the comics in the 1940′s and most recently in ‘Namora’ and ‘Agents of Atlas’ but has never been explored. More information will be revealed next week on September 1st!

I’ve just realised that it is possible for two characters from Agents of Shield to appear in the Marvel movies, creating a nice link between the two, but without affecting the timeline of either the movies or the show, and without the general movie audience needing to know anything about the show.

The Koenigs.

I feel like the promotional campaign for ‘Doctor Strange’ has been very restrained. With the movie being released internationally in just two months it should start to kick up a gear soon. Shouldn’t be long before we get a new trailer, cast interviews, talk show appearances, TV spots, all that good stuff!