Marvel posted a Top 10 Captain America’s suit video on Instagram and I’m laughing so hard about Bucky’s part on it.


“It’s not just a phase, mom!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

“Much more edgy version of the super soldier” I don’t know, Bucky, sounds pretty much like you 😆😆😆😆

I mean


Did I even need to remind everyone about that scene to prove it? 😆😆😆😆

  • Villain!Stephen, texting the sorcerers: Finish your jobs and meet me back at the tower. Will be there soup.
  • Villain!Stephen: Soon*.
  • Villain!Stephen: Sorry, auto-correct.
  • Villain!Stephen: Although incidentally I did just finish making someone into soup.
  • Villain!Stephen: So random.
  • Villain!Stephen: Ok bye x.

Tony: I’ve only slept nine hours in the past four days and I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.
Tony: *bites his cellphone* 
Peter: …Mr. Stark that’s not your bagel. 
Tony: …
Tony: That would explain why I couldn’t bite a piece off. 

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Hey love! Maybe some angsty when reader is jealous of Tom and Zendaya friendship and she starts trying to be like her by not eating anymore and he starts to catch on after some premier... Fluff at end (Not promoting don’t eat, you should never,i just had a similar situation and got help from it)

sure bby 💕 hope you’re doing okay now !!



im currently taking requests for those of you that don’t know, so feel free to send stuff in. in relation to this ask, in no way do i support not eating, and in no way do i condone looking down on yourself & your body! we’re all perfect in our own ways, and this blurb is a good representation of that. mental health is so important. i want all of you to feel the best you can, and i wish the best upon everyone reading. 💕


Word Count: 1.4k

Summary: an intervention is staged, and she’s caught




“Would you like an éclair, ma'am?”

“No, thank you,” Y/N declined politely. “I had a snack before I arrived.”

“I see. Have a good night.”

“And you, too.”

The waiter stalked off, gait unbalanced and left leg staggering, offering more French treats with inviting smiles to new guests.

Indeed, it was all fine and dandy, and there was nothing to dampen her mood — besides the lack of food she had consumed and the uncomfortable grumbling in her stomach that made her body ache and long for a taste of something, of course.

She needed it now, and admittedly, she was starting to feel a little queasy.

Sighing (though oddly enjoying the feeling of accomplishment coursing through her veins), her eyes trailed longingly at the silver platter of French donuts as it bobbed away through a crowd.

The éclairs looked delicious, chocolate ganache covering the oblong dough, ends glistening with creamy filling, lights reflecting on the topping; enough calories to satisfy her for days, surely —

“You didn’t eat anything before we arrived, Y/N.”

She whipped around.

Tom stood beside her, hand in hers, gazing down at her concernedly: He looked handsome tonight, wearing a maroon suit and black slacks with gold accents, hair natural and minimally styled; but the thing that put her off was the look on his face — his eyebrows were furrowed into a concerned line, and the coffee brown eyes looking her up and down were filled with unease.

She felt her heart stutter.

And suddenly, the flashing lights from outside the facility became too much.

“Why did you lie, love?” Tom asked. “You didn’t eat anything all day. Are you alright?”

His grip on her hand tightened, offering her a confused little shake, but she only smiled tautly, ignoring the angry grumbling inside of her stomach.

“Yes, of course I’m alright,” she replied. “I’m just… not hungry, that’s all.” She shook his hand reassuringly. “It’s normal.”

It’s really not.

Tom bit his lip but looked unconvinced.

She caught onto his look of unease and shot him another smile, but that seemed to be the thing to put him off even more — his frown deepened and his grip tightened. Suddenly, he began walking inside of the premiere facility, guiding her towards the unused rooms near the back.

“What are you doing, Tom?” She asked, feeling a ball of nervousness ring its way around her insides, “where are we going —?”


She paled and ripped her hand from Tom’s, affronted.


“I know that you haven’t been eating.”

And then suddenly, for no reason, tears welled in her eyes.

“No, you don’t,” she whispered, backing away slowly until her back hit a wall. “You know nothing, Tom.”

Tom’s eyebrows furrowed. “What?”

“You… you don’t need to know anything. About how I’m doing, emotionally.”

Tom’s eyes narrowed. “Yes, Y/N, I do.” He moved forward and grabbed her hand, still holding it when she flinched and gasped, trying to move away. His grip tightened but his eyes became soft. “I’m your boyfriend, love — your lover — and I need to know how you’re doing. Down here,” he gestured to her stomach, “and up here.”

He pressed his finger to her forehead. He tapped gently and smiled.

And then her breaths became heavier and her chest became unstable and she exploded.

Words poured from her mouth like vomit. It felt like bugs were crawling up her throat, constricting her airways, and at one point, Tom had to hush her and guide her to a chair, sitting her down and weaving his fingers through her hair… and soon, she told Tom everything: Every gruesome detail, every small bit.


Tom pulled away slowly from her, arms previously wrapped in a tight, comforting hug.

“You don’t have to feel like this,” he whispered, eyes rimming with tears and throat bobbing as his fingers continued to run gently through her hair, “you could’ve just told me before it got to this point —”

“But that’s the thing,” she spoke, voice hoarse and tired. “I couldn’t. I just… couldn’t. I was scared. I didn’t want you comparing me, or thinking I was less than others, or… I don’t even know, I just don’t want this to change your opinion on me and I was so scared that it would, and I love you too much to lose you, Tom —”

“Then trust me to love you with what you have, Y/N,” he said firmly, holding her tighter as she sniffled. “You know that I love you and I don’t want you changing for anyone. Anyone. Not even… not even anyone else in the future, even if we do part ways, because if they want you to change, then they just aren’t the one for you! It’s so stupid, this dumb ‘beauty standard’ bullshit, and though Z might fit into that category it doesn’t mean that you don’t.” He leaned closer and held her tighter. “You are so unique and beautiful, and I love every part of you, from your head,” to pressed his fingers to her forehead again, wiping away a stray tear with a small laugh, “to your stomach,” he pressed her midsection, having her lips twist up into a watery smile, “and to your toes.”

He ran a hand up her leg and squeezed, causing her to laugh again and wipe away a tear.

A few seconds passed, and in that time, she felt the truth of Tom’s words. She was herself, no one else, the only copy; and in truth, she mostly realized how much Tom loved her, and how much he loved her back.

They both deserved each other, and though that truth was found in a cramped storage room, it still meant all world to her. To them.

“Tom, I love you,” she whispered, biting her lip. Her gaze was consistent on the floor. “I… I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

Tom’s face lit up ever so slightly.

“Love, I don’t know either,” he replied quietly, pressing his forehead to hers. “All I know is that you deserve where you are and you deserve the body you’re in. Don’t let anyone or anyone else’s opinion take that from you.”

“Of course,” she whispered, before leaning closer to connect their lips in a sweet kiss that held every word of reassurance, taste of chocolate, and admittance of love.


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Glimmer [1/7]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Suspense, action, and feelings of the sexual kind.
Summary: You wake in a precarious situation with no memory of who you are or how you got there - let alone in the company of a startlingly handsome man just as baffled as you are. Swept up as semi-willing partners in a wild goose chase that elicits more questions than answers, the two of you are lead to an unexpected end…


Chapter 1

Everything hurts

No, not everything - one ear feels just fine. Not burning with pain, that is. But everywhere else? Throbbing, aching - pools of burning stretch and undoubtable bruises. With a moan you shift against a cold, hard ground - it stinks like dusty, sour concrete, and the grit of dirt and gravel against your skin makes it crawl. Shivering, you force your eyes open, and wince - the overhead light is piercingly bright, flickering madly and making the - the elevator? It seems to be an elevator - eerily shadowed. 

The floor sways slightly, but holds. Screeching from outside the elevator makes you blink. What - 

A groan, and a figure across from you moves, too - heart pounding fast, you scramble back - against the wall, waiting for - for whoever that is. A bulky man, dressed in all-black with long, dark hair obscuring his face. He’d been laying on his side, but now flops into a sitting position. Blows his hair out of his face with a frustrated exhale, and suddenly your throat is dry - his face sparks no recognition, but it is a handsome face. 

“Who’re you?” he grunts out. Deep voice. Ragged. You shiver again. 

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*Peter groggily walking around the compound, humming to himself*

*Firework goes off outside*

Peter: mR. sTaRk tHeY’rE aFtEr mE-

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I absolutely love your work!! It’s so good idk how you’re so talented 🥺 I was wondering if you could please do one where the reader and peter are sitting together and he finds out that she’s turned 20 and has never had a first kiss or a boyfriend and she’s so unbelievably embarrassed by it cuz it makes her think something is wrong with her cuz peter has dated before and is experienced with everything? Maybe they both really like each other and end up dating after he comforts her and they kiss?

(thank you so so much love 🥺)

it’s a minute until midnight. your last sixty seconds of being nineteen. you’re lucky enough to spend them in bed with peter. not like that, never like that. you wish.

he slipped through your window after patrol so he could give you your first birthday wishes. he’s always been first for as long as you’ve known him. a shower, clothing change, and two movies watched on your laptop later, you’re sitting cross cross beside him waiting for the big moment.

peter’s alarm goes off, playing none other than happy birthday. he doesn’t miss a single detail. with a smirk, he shuts it off and throws an arm around you. you lean your head on his shoulder and smile up at him.

“happy birthday, y/n. welcome to your roaring twenties.” “thanks, pete. they better make up for the last nineteen.” peter rests his head on yours, exhaling quietly. “hey, i was there for, like, six of them. i’d say they were pretty awesome.”

that makes it your seventh year around the sun with hidden feelings for him.

“for you,” you scoff, moving off of peter to lay on a pillow instead. he tilts his head to the side and raises an eyebrow. that look is saved for whenever you say something stupid. “sure, y/n. so, what do you wanna do today? anything special?”


“i don’t know. i’m kind of okay with just having another movie marathon.” you earn a second eyebrow raise from peter, both of them this time. “what? you’re not gonna sit here all day. let me take you out.” “why do you wanna go out so bad? are you my pimp or something now?”

you were just joking, but peter’s innocent shrug tells you he wasn’t. now he’s all serious. “i can be if you want, maybe help you find someone.” your smile turns into a lip bite as your best friend nudges you. staring up at the ceiling, you shake your head. he lays down next to you.

“i’m not really into that stuff, peter.” “i know it’s been a while since you’ve… you know.” you can feel peter’s gaze on you, his stupid big brown eyes staring into your soul you’re pretty sure. he’s waiting for you to say something. “that’s because it’s never happened,” you mumble only for yourself to hear. “hm?”

“i’ve never… i’ve never done that before, peter, okay? leave me alone already.” your sudden outburst leaves him with his mouth hanging open. too embarrassed to see his reaction, you turn away from him. “but you told me-“ “i know what i told you.” you throw your pillow across the room to relieve some of your anger. you’re not sure why you’re angry at him. it was your choice to lie.

you sit up, peter doing the same. he lets you get your thoughts together. after a few minutes of silence and contemplation, you let it all out. “i made it up. being with brad. we never kissed, we never dated, nothing.” “why, y/n? is there even a reason?”

“i was…” you face him again. “you went to homecoming with the hottest girl in school. you dated the smartest for two years while i sat back and watched. i felt like i was behind you, so i lied.” peter nods as he goes over everything you said in his head. he gives you a look that you can’t read this time.

“and you picked brad of all people.” “he wanted to make mj jealous, and i… i wanted to make you jealous. it obviously didn’t work.” you cover your face with your hands, trying to hide yourself from peter. “you didn’t have to lie about that to impress me. everybody goes at their own pace with relationships.” he pulls your hands away from your face and takes them in his. “what i don’t understand is why you wanted to make me jealous.”

here it goes.

you tighten your grip on his hands and take a breath. “i love you, peter. i’ve loved you for a really long time, and i wasn’t sure how to tell you. i wanted you to be my first everything. that’s why i’ve been waiting. part of me still hoped something would happen.” to your surprise, you’re met with a laugh and teeth-showing grin. you can’t help but smile back, but you’re not sure what it’s for yet.

“i love you, too. i gave up on us ever happening for a while because i thought you only saw me as a friend. i would’ve said something a lot sooner if i knew i was wrong.” “you… you really love me? in that way?” peter leans forward and presses a soft kiss to your cheek, both of them flaming red when he pulls away. this is new. “yeah, y/n. i love you in that way.”

you’re blushing and giggling over peter saying the words you’ve only fantasized about hearing. they sound perfect coming from him. they’re your first official “i love you.”

“what happens now?” you almost whisper. peter looks at your lips, then meets your eyes. “up to you, birthday girl, but i’d really like to kiss you.” “you can.”

you pull him closer by his t-shirt, keeping it in your grasp while he leans over you. instinctively, you lay down and part your legs for peter to go in between them. he holds your hips as he takes the space. his lips are on yours not too long after, moving slowly and lightly. you could melt. you reach up and tangle your hands in his hair, kissing him back and tugging at the curls. you’re hearing the bells, you’re feeling the sparks, all of it. it’s your first kiss with your first love.

peter breaks the kiss and leaves another on your forehead, then rolls over so he’s laying down. his arm snakes around your waist, you still playing with his curls. “that was… wow,” you laugh out. “your list of firsts just became four shorter.” “four? i can only come up with two.” “the third is your first boyfriend. the fourth, it might be better for me to show you.”