Mutant AU

An AU idea in which Kenny and Craig are mutants. After a nuclear war broke out and the world ended up in a post apocalyptic state, some people developed certain abilities from the radiation that mutated them or their genes somehow. Craig got the ability to shoot sparks out of his eyes and a glowing blue aura forms around him, his eyes never stop glowing, even when no sparks come out of them. Kenny got the ability to suck others life force energies out and heal himself or keep himself alive, he has to wear a gas mask at all times though, in order to filter out peoples life force energy from the air when he breathes so he doesn’t kill someone by accident because he can’t control it.

“Now what do you want?”
The raven haired boy gave a last smoke and then looked back at the blonde boy that was lying over the car without his orange jacket. He seem pretty sexy right now, that Tucker could only thought how it will be to fuck him right here and right now.
“I think we are lost..” The blonde murmured.
“Well…” He sat down on the car, crossing his legs.” I thought you will be angry ‘bout that.”
“I’m not angry.”
Craig gave another smoke and Kenny started bitting his thumb. He was adorable when he was nervous and unsure about what to do next.
The stoic boy put a hand over his head and stroked Kenny’s blond hairs.
“That was the point, right?” He asked. Kenny was confused and that made Craig smile. “We came here to get lost.”