“i am the alpha of alphas, i am the apex predator, i am the demon wolf” screams deucalion

somewhere peter is rolling his eyes so hard they are rocketing out of his head and spinning into space where they can orbit the earth and judge deucalion from all angles

you know, it’s sad that this needs saying because so many of us are female and so many of us can truly relate to this situation– and more than that, please don’t take this as me attacking a ship because i’m not. it’s me attacking a mindset that’s so ingrained in some people that it blinds them from seeing the actual awesomeness that is happening on teen wolf right now.

so, as most people know, jeff davis announced that stiles would be getting over lydia. this came to the dismay of a lot of people and to the elation of others for a lot of reasons.

the reason we should all be glad for this is because now two people will not be falling into a stereotypical trope that a lot of characters tend to fall into in tv. it will not be that because her boyfriend/love interest is out of the picture, she is now stiles’ prize to claim and therefore belongs to him and it will not be the ye olde friend-zoned-longing-for-something-more-bff that we see on practically EVERY tv show where a male and female are friends. it will be a boy who had a childhood crush realizing that girl is actually really awesome and being completely and happy to have her as a friend. there will be no “she should’ve been with me” resentment or veiled pining while hanging around and being the Nice Guy because this is the only way he can be close to her, like so many shows do.

stiles and lydia will be friends. good friends. no strings attached, despite their history.

do you know how monumental this is? do you really comprehend that?

if you can’t, honestly i don’t know what you want out of tv that isn’t the same retold garbage that you can get in any teen show on the block. if you want the story where the guy gets the girl of his dreams by lingering and pandering and faking friendship so to wean her into a sense of security with him and moves in for the attack once her boyfriend isn’t physically there (despite seeing how deeply they do love each other in the s2 finale okayyy), please feel free to watch any other show around tbh. this will not be that and he will treat her like a human being and in turn they will have an amazing relationship that should be recognized for what it is and not be met with assholery and bitterness.

of all the hatred and weirdness i’ve found in teen wolf fandom lately, this one has especially struck a chord in me because i’ve found so many reactions about it not happening coming from such a shallow and shitty place. stiles does not deserve lydia because jackson is gone. lydia is not his prize because he patiently crushed on her most of his life. his love is not a pure one for the history books comparable to some titanic shit because it’s been so long because a love that comes from a place of not knowing someone comes from the same place as idol worship and reverence. it comes from building someone up in your head and deciding everything about them and that is not real love. period. and it’s not harmful until you expect an outcome and the fact that fandom has where stiles won’t is telling.

stop treating lydia like this please. and stop expecting stiles do be a douchebag about it because jackson is gone. let’s all really soak in how amazing they will be together as friends and appreciate that this can happen without the same old shit we get everywhere else. it may not be getting the ship you want but it’s getting something better, in my opinion and we should all be so fucking excited that a male writer is going to treat a female character and a boy who liked her a lot with much more respect than we’ve seen in shows past and that we’ll see in shows to come.