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Our Two Bedroom Story

Bad Master - Minato x Mika

Blind Date - Akiyoshi x MC

Sharing is Caring - Minato x Shusei x MC 

Operation: Stress Relief - Akiyoshi x MC

Heaven is Nice We Should Go There Again - Akiyoshi x MC

Mine - Minato x MC

Pull Over - Minato x MC

My Dirty Girl - Chiaki x MC

Surprise - Kaoru x MC

Loose Lips - Minato x MC

My Lips Are Sealed. - Akiyoshi x MC

Welcome Home. - Kaoru x MC

Ten Things I Love About You. - Minato x MC

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

Daddy & Peaches - Soryu x MC

How Do You Plead, Mr Detective? Part 2. Part 3. Mamoru x MC.

King Asshole - Eisuke x MC

Don’t Wake The Sloth - Eisuke x MC

What Do You Need From Me? - Eisuke x MC

Get On Your Knees - Shuichi x Soryu x MC 

Let Them Know I Belong To You - Soryu x MC

Baba - Eisuke x MC

I Need A Cigarette - Mamoru x MC

Koro or Pommy? - Ota x MC

Coffee - Black, No Sugar. - Shuichi x MC

Idiot. - Hikaru x MC

Boss - Soryu x MC

How Do Threesomes Work? - Mamoru x Baba x MC

Some Kind Of Drug. - Eisuke x MC

Happy Birthday, Baby. - Mamoru x MC

An Idiot In Love. - Hikaru x MC

Discipline & Punishment. - Hikaru x MC

Cum With Me. - Eisuke x MC

Fairy Tale. - Ota x MC

Front Row Seats. - Ota x MC

Bloody Hell. - Luke x MC

Special Performance. - Ota x MC

Drunken Stupor. Part 2 - Erika x MC.

Metro PD: Close to You

Side by Side - Eiki x MC

Cat & Mouse - Eiki x MC

Yes, Sir. - Kirisawa x MC

Actions Have Consequences. Kirisawa x MC

My Last First Kiss

Thank You, Tequila - Ayato x MC

Time of Death 3:43pm - Ayato x Taka x MC

I will Always Choose You - Riku x MC 

2:47am - Taka x MC

Heavenly Bodies - Ayato x Riku x MC

Take A Break - Ayato x MC

Minx. - Riku x MC

After School Affairs

Babe - Rikiya x MC 

Enchanted In The Moonlight

Disgusting Table Manners - Shinra x MC

Show Off. - Kyoga x MC

300 followers smut series; OTBS - The Bet.


Chapter 1; Akiyoshi Zaizen

Chapter 2; Chiaki Yuasa

Chapter 3; Minato Okouchi

Chapter 4; Shusei Hayakawa

Chapter 5; Tsumugu Kido

Chapter 6; Kaoru Kirishima


300 followers smut continuation; KBTBB - Revenge.


Revenge - 1. Shuichi

Revenge - 2. Luke

Revenge - 3. Baba

Revenge - 4. Ota

Revenge - 5&6. Soryu & Mamoru

Revenge - 7. Eisuke


300 followers smut continuation; OTBS X KBTBB - Pushiment.


anonymous asked:

I headcanon: That Jesse is a dog person and Hanzo is a cat person. Secretly they like both cats and dogs.

YES. I myself am more of a dog person (cat allergy :( ) so naturally I lean more towards them both really liking dogs but i can get behind Hanzo being a cat person too, the dragons are pretty much cats lbr. I like to think they both have a huge soft spot for animals and when they settle down, they adopt/foster strays all the McTime. One might assume it’s always jesse who shows up at the front door with a sad stray in his arms—but nay:

Jesse swings open the door, confused as heck to see his husband standing there soaked clean through from the rain. Confused, as to why he rang the door bell instead of entering his own home, then Jesse looked down a notch and it all made sense. There was what he could only assume to be a sad little rat who’d been tossed a few times in the wash, cradled like a baby in Hanzo’s arms. They both had big, round, puppy dog eyes to match. 
  “Jesse, can we—”
He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around them both.
   “Babe…” He did not start tearing up.
It was also not the third time this week.

madhattressdelux  asked:

Not to be that gay buy letting katie and Travis kiss???? 👀👀👀👀 I'm into it

Me too sister 👀👀 im still waiting for that travlyn wedding invitation

anonymous asked:

"I've done Mcfucked up."

It became a joke after a while- the McCree isn’t his real name.

And the truth is…well, what does it matter what the truth is? The truths a liar anyway, and it’s different for everyone. McCree is who he is now. Doesn’t stop the younger ones from poking fun at him tho. Especially due to the popularity of a certain food chain.

“Can I get the McRemote there, McCree?”

“You know what mctime it is, Eastwood?”

And his personal favorite, “McReady McWhen Mcyou are McCree”

Well, Hanzo always did say his sense of humor was awful.

But his sense of comedic timing was always delightful.

So as he stands in the middle of the kitchen, blender whirring in the background, eggs on the ceiling, the smell of chille over boiling. A live chicken clucks ferociously as it battles Torbjörn for dominance.

And there, in wide eyed silence, are the kids.

Slowly, he tips his hat, he squares his shoulders, he cocks he places a hand on a cocked hip and drawls slowly:

“Well, looks like I done McFucked up.”

anonymous asked:

An add on to my softboys™ headcanon When going to McDonalds since they're so tired they get distracted to easily. Like they're inside and McCree is probably making all these jokes saying stuff like "It's mctime for some mcnuggets" And Hanzo starts snorting (that's how he laughs and McCree things it's pure) as McCree goes on and ads "mc" to words that wouldn't even work. The poor person who works the night shift has to deal with them for twenty minutes until they actually order something.

this is canon. all of this.