Am I the only one who has an imaginary relationship with her crush in her head? Like, no matter how hard you act like you don’t pay THAT much attention to them, you notice every little thing about them and get a little sad if they’re not there that day. And if they happen to acknowledge you, you feel like you just won the Nobel prize? Is it just me?



[Kevin Hart voice]


It is LAW that you have an amazing birthday , whether you like it OR NAWT.

That’s just how it beez going down TODAY :)

And if you think you won’t be going to sleep without a happy heart and a smile on your face ….. you are absolutely WRONG ^__^

You know why? Becauuuuse…


Just know TM loves you dahlinnng. You’re hilarious , an amazing writer , and the least you deserve is a happy birthday :)



Happy Birthday, Chanté! ^___^

School hasn’t even started yet for me and I’m already in drama. HOW THE HELL AM I ALREADY IN DRAMA WHEN I’VE BEEN IN THE DAMN HOUSE!? People don’t understand that I give 0 fucks whether they like me or not but DON’T go around saying that we don’t like each other trick I could care less if you don’t like me. YOU’RE IRRELEVANT!! Keep my name out of your got damn mouth then we won’t have problems. Plain and simple. I’m not a drama person. I move away from that shit. But when my name is in it and you want to LIE that’s where shit gets real REAL QUICK! People are so got damn messy it makes no fucking sense. PISSED!!!

also food update i ate two taquitos aw yeah thats the most ive had in a while good job mcdude now if u could just fuckin SLEEP

ugh i got out of bed a lil while ago to get tape to fix my power cord and just standing was such bullshit im so mad at my fuckin brain why cant they hurry up and find the parts that make u feel tired and cut them the fuck out of me how neat would that be though like if u could just cut out the bad parts and just live large 900% for like 3 days and then die of exhaustion

Woke up at around 1 in the morning. Crap. In times like this, I find it hard to sleep again. It’s 3:15 now and for three hours I was just staring at the ceiling. Thinking, wondering, crying. Flashbacks from what happened at school yesterday fills my mind. I can’t stop crying. Double crap. Why am I crying?

He’s chatting and laughing with our friends. He’s obviously happy…without me. Yep. How does he do that? Act like he doesn’t care as if he’s not sitting beside me. And then there’s me. Sitting and waiting impatiently. Having no one to talk to. I feel like an outcast. Ground, swallow me now, please. We were ignoring each other.

Finally, our class was dismissed. I waited for him outside the school. And I stood there. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited. But he didn’t came. And that’s kind of sad really. Go home, Trisha. You’re not feeling well and you’re waiting for nothing. Idiot. Realizing how late it was, I picked up my phone and dialed one of our friends’ number hoping that Adrian is still with them. Apparently, he’s not. He went home already. What do I do now? Just as I was about to ride the jeep heading to his place, I remembered today’s Wednesday. He always attends their gathering every Wednesday. Please, please, can I die now? I decided to go home. On my way home, the music on the radio currently fits my mood. What the fuck? I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry. I’m on a public transpo and I’m not making a music video. Haha! Save the tears later at home.

And right now, here I am. Staring on the ceiling. Contemplating my 99.9% problems. Probably, having a right amount of sleep and dropping out of school would solve half of it. But definitely, to pass from physical life WILL solve everything. Death is peaceful; tranquil. I’m tired of this fuckery they call school. What for? I always get low scores on my quizzes on major 1 and 3. School isn’t for me. I’m way too stupid, idiot, slow learner, butthead, anti-social and pessimist to learn.

Christ, please. Let me go back to sleep. At least, I tend to forget all my miseries in sleeping. So, please, just let me sleep. It may be, er, no. It will be good if you’ll let me sleep forever. I always mess up and disappoint the people around me. Nobody cares anyway.

It’s already four in the morning. I have a class later at 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. I’ll ditch my first class. My parents let me anyway. Thanks, Dad and Mom! I love you so much! Actually, I’m not feeling well since Tuesday. I told them just let me take a rest and sleep until 7 in the morning. Coughs and colds. What a great team up. Hooray for that. It’s 4 now. Tomorrow’s gonna be a tough day. Wait, what? I mean, later! Good night to me.