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halLO, I wanna do a request where mc is a scientist and loves to do weird experiments at home (rfa+v+unknown) << btW i LovE yOur aCc ^^

thank you!! Sorry for the delay~ the holidays are even more busy than when I’m at school xD. I hope you like it <3


  • they started talking about uni and Yoosung was curious to know what faculty MC was in
  • without another thought, MC told him to get his stuff - they were going to the university for something interesting 
  • MC brought him to a lab and started pouring a million coloured liquids one after another into a flask of some kind 
  • ohh so she majored in chemistry 
  • but before Yoosung could say anything, MC’s little experiment exploded and smelled of medicine
  • “I major in medicinal chemistry”
  • wow


  • damn he was impressed 
  • he was never good at school but he couldn’t help but take interest in all the textbooks MC studied 
  • although he didn’t understand, he tried his best to make sense of it and even actively participated in her experiments
  • sometimes they we’re a little scary though 
  • he didn’t like it when it exploded - he didn’t like the risk of his eyebrows being singed off
  • sometimes he went to MC’s lab to surprise her but ended up attracting too much attention lol


  • totally psyched 
  • she wanted to study sciences back in uni too but she need to make sure that she could get a stable job to repay her aunt
  • tried all sorts of fun experiments with MC
  • sometimes got stuff caught on fire
  • Mr. Han’s cat projects yesss 
  • anyways they love doing crazy mad scientist things together 


  • kinda of didn’t know until he went home one day to toxic fumes all over the house
  • was there a gas leak? where was MC?! 
  • finds MC mixing things together like a witch with their cauldron 
  • man did she look possessed 
  • tried his best to convince MC to stop and had to call in a whole bunch of people to clear his penthouse
  • note to self: never leave MC home alone with access to household chemicals


  • dude he was so ready to do crazy ass experiments like hoe you do not understand 
  • he gets a million things ready when they hang out
  • where do all the results of these awful experiments go?
  • into Seven’s unstoppable pranks
  • MC and him are perfect partners in crime 


  • what the hell was MC up to this time? 
  • the banging and clanking from the kitchen was constant but this time it sounded extra bad 
  • jesus the kitchen was a mess
  • MC was burnt out on the floor asleep again 
  • he quietly put MC to bed and cleaned up the place
  • from then on he supervised MC whenever she went inside the kitchen


  • was super happy for MC
  • thought this creative medium was very intriguing and encouraged MC to do as she pleased 
  • that was until his house almost went up in flames 
  • tries to distract MC with other things while she’s at home so she can take all her creative experiments back to work

I hope this was what you wanted! Please make sure to make more requests when you have good ideas~

~Cherry L.

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It is LAW that you have an amazing birthday , whether you like it OR NAWT.

That’s just how it beez going down TODAY :)

And if you think you won’t be going to sleep without a happy heart and a smile on your face ….. you are absolutely WRONG ^__^

You know why? Becauuuuse…


Just know TM loves you dahlinnng. You’re hilarious , an amazing writer , and the least you deserve is a happy birthday :)



Happy Birthday, Chanté! ^___^

School hasn’t even started yet for me and I’m already in drama. HOW THE HELL AM I ALREADY IN DRAMA WHEN I’VE BEEN IN THE DAMN HOUSE!? People don’t understand that I give 0 fucks whether they like me or not but DON’T go around saying that we don’t like each other trick I could care less if you don’t like me. YOU’RE IRRELEVANT!! Keep my name out of your got damn mouth then we won’t have problems. Plain and simple. I’m not a drama person. I move away from that shit. But when my name is in it and you want to LIE that’s where shit gets real REAL QUICK! People are so got damn messy it makes no fucking sense. PISSED!!!