Have you picked up your copy of “Donald and Mickey: The Persistence of Mickey” yet? Collecting Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #s 733 through 735, the Salvador Dali-inspired cover by Giorgio Cavazzano is worth the price of admission alone…

Here’s the official description of this trade paperback: “Hello, Dali! When Walt Disney and famed abstract artist Salvador Dali teamed up in 1946, they birthed a famed cartoon featurette called Destino… that wouldn’t be seen until decades after its inception! How come? Would you believe―Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy invaded Dali’s outrageous world of art, and turned Uncle Walt’s plans even abstract-er than before! Then stick around for more action with Donald, Mickey, and the whole Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories supporting cast! Donald and evil Argus McSwine clash as demolition derby drivers in ‘Roadhogs,’ and as superhot curry chefs in 'You Vindaloo, You Lose a Few!’ Then, in 'Night of the Living Text,’ Mickey and Goofy learn they’re really living in a comic book―or are they? Collects IDW’s Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #733-735.”

Newcrest Stories

Meet Michael “Tater” McSwine (sim originally by @budgie2budgie). He was born and raised in Newcrest and is currently renting the basement unit from a sweet old couple, George and Lupe Diaz.

Will Tater ever evolve beyond a life of daytime television, off-key jams and “medical” marijuana?

Will he finally tap into that magnificent potential housed inside a slightly doughy exterior?  Only time will tell.

To be continued…