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I just love all your fics especially your McSwarek ones!! I would really love one where Andy is totally surprised to find out she's pregnant with her and Sam's first child and doesn't know how to tell him because it's so soon after the his baby with Marlo and the wedding! Thanks

So, she’s pregnant. Which, she’d really like to be happy about. Like… would really like to be happy about. But the year’s been insane and they have another infant part-time and it’s just…

It’s a lot, is what she’s saying. 

Sam’s been great. Marlo’s been surprisingly flexible. Fifteen’s still… reeling. But to add this on top?


She jumps, almost throws the test she has clutched in her fist. He’s still wearing his shield, his gun and she’s leaning over the bathroom sink like she’s going to be sick. “Hey.”

“You okay?” he asks, reaching for her before he’s even taken a step. His hand presses between her shoulder blades, slides down. “Hey.”

And she knows he’s seen it, the fist, the object inside. 


She sucks in a breath. “Look, I… I know it’s been a long year, a really long year and I know things have been a little insane-”

She’s not even half way through her diatribe when he pries the pregnancy test from her hand. And what she sees play across his face is so far from the fear and anxiety he’d had around Marlo’s baby. 

His face is absolute joy. 


Andy barks out a strange sounding laugh, feels relief leave her knees weak. But of course, Sam’s there, his arm around the stomach that hasn’t even started expanding yet. 


She turns and kisses him, has to, takes his mouth long and deep and he’s right there with her, of course he’s right there with her. 

“Our baby.”

She buries her face in his shoulder because of course. Of course.


How can anything go wrong?