people like to hate on otayuri and then turn right the fuck around and ship leoji like hmmmm okay rebecca okay i see you i see your hypocrisy sourrounding the “pedophilic” argument

there are one hundred thousand other reasons why mc/Hana can’t be together or mc/Drake can’t be together besides “Liam is in love with you and by being with me you’re cheating on him” some include:

  • Drake can’t be with mc because he knows how dire the Beaumont’s situation is and despite his talk, he knows that mc is their only shot at getting out of their dire financial situation and can’t, in good conscience, be with her because of it
  • Hana can’t be with mc because as much as she cares for her, she still hears her parents in the back of her mind telling her that she needs to marry for status to help her family and struggles with it so much and just wants mc to be happy and can’t, therefore, be with mc
  • Drake is really a sack of snakes in a denim shirt
  • Hana is actually a divine goddess that has descended to earth just for the fun of competing for the Prince’s hand but has fallen in love when she least expected and now has to decide whether to return to the ethereal plane or give up her divinity to be with mc

stop writing mc cheating on Liam 2k17