Spice Up your Day with the new McDonald’s McSpicy

Break away from routine and do something new and exhilarating today and get ready for an experience like no other. First time launching in the Philippines, the freshest and most exciting addition to McDonald’s well-loved menu, is finally here – McSpicy. 

McSpicy is sure to be a hit among Filipinos with its blend of flavors that’s just right for the Pinoy taste. Take your satisfaction a notch higher with 100% juicy whole chicken meat, seasoned with just the right amount of choice spices, topped with fresh crunchy lettuce and flavorful dressing, all in a perfectly toasted sesame seed bun. Each mouth-watering bite comes with a kick that will tickle your tongue just right. 

Treat yourself to make your day extraordinarily different by enjoying McSpicy a la carte for only Php 80. Pair it with regular fries and drink for only Php 115 or enjoy it with medium fries and drink for Php 135. 

Make a dull day exciting by getting a McSpicy to amp things up. Each bite will surely turn your day around. Share your McSpicy moments with McDonald’s on Facebook, or tag @mcdo_ph on Twitter with the hashtag #mcspicyishere. 


First time launching in the Philippines, the freshest and most exciting addition to McDonald’s well-loved menu is finally here–McSpicy! Offered in other countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. where it’s such a huge hit–I’m glad McDonald’s felt the need that they have it available here as well! Haha! 

McSpicy is the newest product from McDonald’s and now available! It won’t be available for a limited time like the Twister Fries because the McSpicy is here to stay–for good!!!

First time to be introduced in the Philippines, McSpicy is made of juicy 100% whole chicken meat seasoned with the right mix of spices, crunchy lettuce, and flavorful dressing all in between water split buns.

I’m not a big fan of spicy food but I really like how the McSpicy has just the right amount of kick. The blend of the crunchiness and spiciness of the chicken tickled my tongue just right. I’m sure it’ll be a hit here because it’s perfect for the Pinoy taste! 

The all new McSpicy can be enjoyed at a very affordable price of Php80 only. Or why not complete your McDonald’s experience and have a meal for Php115 with regular fries and a drink or Php135 with medium sized fries and a drink! 

You guys can enjoy the all new McSpicy via dine-in, drive thru, take out or McDelivery (86-2-36 or! Head to the nearest McDonald’s and try one today! 

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Am going to get my double mcspicy with cheese and no one can stop me.

(In fact Mum’s encouraging me to go. I’ve dropped back down to 44kg again. Lost 2kg. And that’s after I got my appetite back. I’m thinking I was a 42 few weeks ago.)

Usapang McSpicy:

Minsan natanong na sa’kin, “Bakit ba ang hilig mong kumain ng McSpicy?” Maanghang naman. Overrated at overpriced pa, kung tutuusin. Ano ba ang meron ang McSpicy na wala sa ibang burgers?

Napaisip ako. Sumagot ako na hindi ko ‘rin alam.

Nothing special ang McSpicy, pero hinahanap-hanap ko ‘to lagi. Kahit araw-arawin ko, kahit palagi akong nababawasan ng mahigit 135php kasi ‘yung McSpicy with fries and drinks inoorder ko, okay lang ‘sakin. Di ako nagsa-sawa; hindi ako nagsisisi. Ang dami namang ibang burgers diyan, madali kainin, hindi maanghang, mas sulit at mas worth it pa. Pero bakit McSpicy parin ang pinipili ko?

Parang ikaw.

“Bakit mo ba siya nagustuhan?” Masasaktan ka lang naman kasi manhid siya; di niya alam na nakakasakit siya ng ibang tao. Tapos, wala pang kasiguraduhan na magugustuhan ka din niya. Ano bang meron sakanya na wala sa iba?

Napaisip ako. Sumagot ako na hindi ko ‘rin alam.

Nothing special ka naman talaga eh. Kung tutuusin, di ka naman kagwapuhan. Gago ka rin, mayabang, ma-ere, feeling pogi (well, may itsura ka naman talaga pero gago ka parin). Di rin naman kita type, pero ayun, parang ‘yung kaadikan ko sa McSpicy, ga’non din ako kaadik sa’yo. Ang daming umaaligid, pero di ko na napapansin. Kasi sa’yo’t sa’yo parin ang bagsak ko.

Kung, halimbawa, ang Baconator ng Wendy’s man ay magiging ka-presyo ng McSpicy—mas pipiliin ko parin ang McSpicy. Mas pipiliin parin kita, over anyone else.

Ang labo ng mundo.

Kelan kaya ako magsa-sawa sa’yo?