I feel like Dipper has always had a dark side, it’s just always been in the background. Dipper is usually a good guy but he isn’t perfect, he can be selfish, sneaky, petty, and kind of a jerk sometimes. He’s always had Mabel to keep these darker traits in check, but after ‘Not What He Seems’, I don’t think there’s going to be anyone to protect Dipper from himself…       (Collab. with Aryashi)

That was the best action scene EVER ! Look at that crazy DIRECTION… 

  1. Grenda punches Pacifier, Candy punches Hectorgon,
  2. Mabel and Waddles shoot at Teeth, Keyhole and Pyronica.
  3. The Gobblewonker (McGucket) eating the flying eyeball
  4. Rumble McSkirmish taking out two of them w/ his beams,
  5. Wendy freakin’ Corduroy jumping & flying on that eyeball, petrifying 8 Ball
  6. The Multibear on the spy glass watching out, 
  7. Sev’Ral Timez run giving power to the mecha, 
  8. Dipper takes out Xanthar… G Listen to the music score ! 
  9. And then Teeth run around on fire, which I excluded for the sake of Brad Breeck’s AMAZING score !!!
  10. THE LAYOUTS MUST HAVE BEEN a HELL to draw, they’re so beautiful and full of characters… TAKING US BACK to the beginning, Weirdmageddon showed all the creatures & characters we met… T_T Shout out to the storyboarders and artists behind the magic… 
  11. (I hope we’ll see many backgrounds, pencil tests or deleted scenes)


anonymous asked:

Is Billi good at sports? Or does he like, suck at them?

DDR counts, right?

Because that’s all he’s got goin’ for him. He’s one of those kids you see with a crowd around them while they do songs backwards and shit.

He does join marching band in High School though. :>

blindingmewithscience  asked:

Why do you not like fight fighters? I'm not judging, just curious.

Weeeeeeell. I like things ABOUT it.

I love the B-plot with Mabel and Stan. I like the way they animated the videogame character, and Rumble McSkirmish is funny in general. There are a lot of really good, top-notch jokes around the whole “video game come to life” concept.

Really, every episode of Gravity Falls has some really great, likable stuff in it. And this one has a bunch, so I understand why a lot of people, especially fans of fighting games, like it a lot. But there’s also a number of lines and moments that I just kind of have to pretend never happened, mostly surrounding gender in one way or another.

I personally don’t understand why “(male) child gets challenged to/accidentally challenges someone else to a fight, tries to avoid it all day, then realizes he has to go and fight the person he doesn’t want to fight (like a man”) is such a common children’s show plot. It always, always, always ties into toxic ideas connecting masculinity to violence and a willingness to endure violence. Robbie is a bully in this episode, and Dipper shouldn’t have to have his masculinity tied to whether or not he’s willing to beat up or be beaten up by someone older and stronger than he is.

I also get a crawly feeling every time I hear the line “Why can’t you learn to hate each other in secret? Like girls do!” It’s just a gross, gross line that plays into awful stereotypes about women being duplicitous, and female friends secretly hating each other/gossiping behind each other’s backs. It’s super gross and it feels gross hearing it come out of a female character as wonderful and well-written as Mabel.

So yeah, I basically just pretend all that stuff doesn’t exist and focus entirely on the B-plot, which is pure gold.

chiropter36  asked:

Possible fic prompt: Fresh into one of her "off-again" periods with Rumble McSkirmish and itching for a new boyfriend/victim, .GIFfany spies a hot young A.I. passing through the arcade system, leaving chaos in his wake, and it's electronic love at first sight. At least on her end, but she's sure he feels the same way...or he will... (i.e. .GIFfany meets Al-V)

Alcor tells Al-V that this is his fight, and the demon will not get involved. It’s up to Al to figure out how to fix this…or maybe just how to avoid it until it resolves itself. He hopes.