Random one shot MCRILEY

Amber: Welcome back to Mcriley on…

Kevin: We back… We back… And messy as ever…

Amber: *Giggles* Right!

Kevin: We have a special guest today… that I guess the listeners might enjoy!

Amber: Oh hush, Kevin! *giggles* y'all put y'all hands up for Chord Overstreet!

Chord: yeah this is awesome!

Kevin: thanks for coming in by the way!

Chord: thanks for having me! I enjoyed listening to you two but I think RileyStreet would have been a better show!

Amber: really?

Kevin: sorry Chord, it’s a proven fact that the people love McRiley more than RileyStreet!

Chord: I really don’t think so!

Amber: anyways guys, Chord, what’s going on with your music…

Chord: I’ve been working on a couple things… The album is just about done…

Amber: it’s tough, right? The fans keep asking for it and as perfectionist, we keep tweaking it.

Chord: exactly! I would love to sing one of my originals on the show though. Maybe Sam can sing Birthday Suit to Mercedes…

Kevin: that’s not going to happen…

Chord: Why do you keep blocking?

Kevin: I’m not blocking anything …I just don’t see you singing that song on the show.

Chord: why not? Amber’s my on screen girlfriend…

Kevin: she’s my on air girlfriend…

Amber: enough you guys… I’m actually nobodies girlfriend

Chord: that will change soon

Amber: plus you don’t want to sing that song to me

Kevin: Right

Chord: why not… The fans would love it

Amber: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

Chord: I love putting jelly on my white bread

Kevin: Oh God!

Amber: let’s just play one of your songs for the people

Kevin: introduce the song, Chord!

Chord: Alright y'all this is a fan favorite, Birthday Suit on the new and improved MCRILEYSTREET on

Amber: Chord!

Chord: Riley, right in the middle!

Kevin: I don’t share!

Chord: trust me one night with me and she won’t be sharing…



“will you please excuse me… I don’t mean to be rude, babe. Would you hold it against me, if I mentioned your body…”

Y'all this is what I feel would happen if Chord guest starred on the McRiley show 😂😂😂 just messy😂

McRiley should become a thing. And by that I mean they should start working together, release an album, go on a tour, become publicly known as “McRiley” - a talented r'n'b duo selling out concert halls, not the neglected glee kids

cos they are stars and they should shine

and I’m here for them

just sayin