For the one who came and never come back. For the one I once loved. I'm sorry, I was a mistake you know. Tell him; I'm still waiting for right here. If we were meant to be, you know we will be. The whole world will smile, ppl who live on earth are smiling, all of the birds will sing some, and we are the history of love. We will be remembered. Be strong. 'Cause you have to be my man, okay. I love you till the end of time xo.

Top Left: Lucy / Top Right: Cookie and Gramps
Middle: Alice and GeGe
Bottom Left: Silver and Blanch / Bottom Right: Caitlin and Truffit

Meade Canine Rescue Foundation - Creston, California

Minimum Landing Size 42 CM

The EU Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture has voted for an increase of the Minimum Conservation Reference Size (MCRF) for sea bass from the present 36 cm to 42 cm. This new minimum landing size applies to both recreational anglers and commercial fishermen in the  Celtic Sea, Channel, Irish Sea and southern North Sea.

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