daguchna asked:


01. Angst

it’s quite little place, the cemetry right behind the park and and right in the farest corner is a simple stone with the words ‘Peter Marwood, 1946-69, painly missed’ written into it.

02. AU

It takes time for Marwood to get used to his supernatural flatmate, but not as long as it tskes his cat, Withnail II and the angel to stop hissing at each other.

03. Crack!fic

He can’t explain how he ended up on the trainstation, a red ribbon in his hair, in a fancy coat and pretty dress, with the heavy lugage in his hand, all he can do now is to walk on and focus on the legs of his flatmate, which hardly wobble in the high heels.

04. Crossover

Withnail hates Mancheter, he dislikes drinking with total strangers and he is wary of tje police, and yet here he is, in a Manchester pub, drinking with a man named DCI Hunt and moaning about their sorrows and lack of luck in love.

05. First Time

The first time Withnail sleeps with Marwood should have felt embarassing, but somehow crying and clutching at his lover’s arms wasn’t as bad as he had though.

06. Fluff

It’s cold outside, it makes sense to preserve body heat like 'the bloody penguins’ but both know that it’s just an excuse and they both don’t comment on that.

07. Humor

It happens early in the morning, a scream that makes Withnail run to the bathroom to check on his flatmate, but as he sees the …. beast inside the bathtub he’s also the first to run away

08. Hurt/Comfort

Their first timeshould have felt awkward, Marwood wondered if he hurt his lover as he saw the tears, but then he spend the night holding him thight and kissing them away, so it didn’t.

09. Smut

Marwood loves taking long and hot baths, but he loves long fingers wrapping tightly around his waist and theeth bitting down his neck even more; so it’s just logiacal to combine these things.

10. UST

They dress in their best suits (the only one they have) slowly, stealing glances over the shoulder and in the mirror when they know that the other won’t notice.