I heard all the excitement yesterday about Norman being announced for one of the Walker Stalker events.

Just realized it’s WS ATL which is the same one Melissa was announced for recently as well.

I could be wrong, but I think this might be the only WS they are both scheduled to attend?

Anyway, I went and had a peek at the website and got dorky excited over the fact that in their “latest guest announcements” the last two added are McReedus.

There are still tons of celebs who haven’t been added but our Caryl/McReedus duo are one right after the other. How sweet?

Oh and one more thing, Melissa McBride wasn’t added all that long ago and she’s sold out. Bam! That’s our girl 😊

anonymous asked:

What do you think is one of the secret thoughts Carol and Daryl have about each other? Please tag it and share the love, so others can get the feels too. :)

Unf. Hard one. 
Daryl about Carol, “You’ve toughen up, I am proud of you, yet worried. Since who knows what pain you are hiding. ” 

Carol about Daryl: “Don’t give up easily, we’d get through it all.”

I think, the roles sort of swapped. Daryl soften up a bit more while Carol is turning her skin into steel. Both might grew a bit apart but I’m sure they’ll end up fighting for each other, by each others side. All of them are family, they need to stick together and they need to worry about each other. 

I hope I did this one right, it’s a bit hard for me to answer on this one :)


TV Shows Meme: 3/9 relationships [Melissa McBride + Norman Reedus]

“I think working with Melissa she just gets me, Norman, as a person and I got very lucky having scenes early on with her, she’s kind of a window into her mind, you kind of just have to look at her and feel her, and we did that back and forth very well. We had very good chemistry…she and I”

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If you would describe Caryl in one sentence, what would you say? Please tag it and spread the love, so others can get the feels too. ;)

If it was one word it would defiantly be ; “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”
But for a sentence, I have to say  “The world is ugly but you’re beautiful to me.”
Why? Both of them seen shit, been through shit and are living in a horrible situation right now. How ugly the world gets, how ugly everything gets, they see each others beauty shine through the darkness. 

At least, that’s how I see it.
Thanks for asking me! :)

I feel free to be vulnerable in front of her

- Norman Reedus on Melissa McBride. Source: X

(I just wanted to bring this specific phrase out because I found it so beautiful)