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Hesitant Alien

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can you please do one with Gerard and he’s an alien and he doesn’t understand earth so you have to teach him and he’s very confused and it’s very cute”

Word Count: 1,769

Pairing: Gerard x Reader (can be read as Gen tho)

A/N: I gave Gee they/them pronouns bc aliens don’t have our sense of gender and also bc why not

You’ve always believed in aliens, staring up at the stars when you were little and wondering when they would visit. But they didn’t come and you reached 13 still waiting, doodling little green men on your homework and your mom tried to tell you nothing was in the stars-she was never one for dreaming. You didn’t listen, sitting outside until bed time, looking out for UFOs hidden in the sky, heart endlessly hopeful. But now you’re almost 26 and the stars still call out, promises of aliens and new beginnings that you can’t let go of. Something is out there, of course something else is out there, why else is the universe so big? Maybe not little green men like your preteen imagination saw, maybe not robots set out to destroy Earth like movies like to tell stories of, maybe it’s just a bunch of goats. But something is out there and you can’t wait to know what.

You weren’t expecting that something to crash land in your backyard though. It’s late when it happens, dinner dishes in the sink and a movie you’ve seen a billion times playing on the TV. It’s loud, the earth splitting and wind howls, you’re out of your seat before things go silent and you’re opening the sliding door moments later. The cold air envelopes you as you step outside, stopping dead still in the wet grass. Your yard now has a small rocket sticking out of the ground, glinting silver in the moonlight, and you can do nothing but stare. A hatch on the side opens and something crawls out, groaning in pain and even in the dark it looks fairly human. Is this just NASA fucking up? Your endlessly hopeful heart tells you ‘no’, you know what this is.

“Alien,” You breathe out and the thing looks up at you, curious look on its human face.

“Alien? No, I’m Gerard.” It says, rubbing the back of its head as it stands. They’re taller then you, not by a lot though, and you stare up at them in awe.

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Kiss me you animal

Summary: (Vampire!phil, hybrid!dan(werewolf and vampire aye) AU)

Like, they both act like they hated each other’s guts, when in honesty they are basically the sappiest couple in school.

Genre: floof

Warning: swearing whats new

Words: 1,964

A/N: this was originally meant to be kirsten’s bday fic but then i thought it wont make her cry s o hehehe. what u mean i used an mcr title. what u mean im an emo fuck. i also wanted to write an au like this since the beginning of time but i never had an idea for a plot but holla here we are. 

“Honestly, go suck on a garlic.” Dan sneers at the pale man seated across him, by means of complexion as a human or not.

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My Friends Blur

Prompt: Request by Anonymous. “OMGOMGOMG a fluffy basement Gerard one where you’re dorming in college and you haven’t seen him for the whole quarter because of midterms and finals and then one day he visits you and finds you crying because of the stress and it’s just super fluffy and cute and omg <3″

Warnings: none

Word Count: 631

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: Here you go sweetheart <3 hope it’s fluffy enough

Midterms have been hell, you’ve been studying so hard you haven’t seen your best friend, Gerard, all quarter and to be honest you haven’t actually talked to anyone. Your room is covered in books and papers, red and blue ink scribbled across the pages with barely readable notes. You have endless empty coffee cups lined up on your desk and less food wrappers then there should be. Your mind is a giant mess of equations and facts, impossible to sort out.

You can feel tears starting to burn your eyes, stress finally getting the better of you. You drop your pen as sobs wrack your body, tears quickly falling and dripping down your cheeks. You’re shaking and trying to stop yourself from being too loud when someone drops to their knees in front of you. You hadn’t heard the door open.

“Hey,” Gerard’s sweet voice breaks through the mess of problems in your head but you’re still crying. “Oh, Sweetheart.” He coos and you fall off your chair and into his arms. He holds you close and you shake and cry in his embrace for who knows how long.

He rubs circles on your back, a soothing movement to focus on, while he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. You’re breathing starts to even out, sobs dying out and shaking coming to a stop. He holds you even after you go silent, just letting you know he’s not going anywhere.

“Thanks,” You say, voice weak and unused.

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