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My new school has a dress code.

We are not allowed to wear anything that could be perceived as offensive.

I am no longer permitted to wear anything containing an inverted cross, (but anything with a regular cross is fine because it is “religiously appropriate”) because that could be offensive.

I’m not allowed to wear a bunch of mcr tees because they portray death.

I’m not allowed to wear ripped jeans because they’re not, “ladylike attire.”

I’m not allowed to have tee shirts that say things like, “Your Presence Is Unappreciated.”

I’m not allowed to wear shorts that are shorter than just above the knee.

I’m not allowed to wear tank tops.

I’m not allowed to have visible bra straps.

So basically, I and many other girls going to my school, (a public one,) will now have to spend a large amount of time and effort, not to mention money, purchasing new, “school appropriate” clothing in order to now fit society’s image of “a proper girl.”

Did I mention, that the only thing the boys aren’t allowed to do is wear hats?

Well, I’m off to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an entirely new wardrobe. Wish me luck.

Band tees..

Don’t you just hate those people who wears band tees and have no clue what is on their shirt. Some girls thinks Nirvana is a clothing line..

I remember when I saw this girl who was wearing a nirvana shirt and I was like oh hey you like nirvana? She was like uh what is that? Like what ??

You should reblog this if you ACTUALLY listen to the bands on your shirts..

bestfriend!5sos Calum had been your best friend since you were very small. He was extremely protective over you, even when you were just kids. It started young; like when the girls in elementary would exclude you from their treks to the beach on the weekend, Calum would make up for it by inviting you his house for water gun fights and homemade popsicles. When you were in middle school, you and Calum began to listen to the same music and you went through a phase where all you would wear was the same MCR tee shirt and rubber wristbands up to your elbows for weeks on end. The boys would tease you incessantly, however they always seemed to leave you alone when Calum was around. The two of you reached high school and puberty had done Calum well; and you even better. A few of Calum’s friends chased after you now, a boy named Michael in particular had eyes for you. He was very cute, charming, and most importantly he was on good terms with Calum. That’s all you really needed to accept his invitation to dinner. 

You plopped down on Calum’s rugged couch, the one that you two used to build your blanket forts with, the one that he insisted crashing on whenever you slept over. Settling the bowl of popcorn down on the coffee table next to Calum’s extended legs, you nestle yourself in the position you always assume, your legs curled off to the side and the rest of your body leaning against against Calum’s warm chest. He smelled like home, like cinnamon and a bit like sweat because of the horrible heat outside.  

“I rented Pulp Fiction, is that okay with you?” Calum murmured. You raised your eyebrows. First, Calum never asks if his movie choice is okay. Whatever he puts on you watch. Second, Calum was never this subdued, especially on movie night.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” you answer, snuggling a little further into his body. He was tense, another oddity. You frown.

He pressed play, as you stuffed some popcorn into your mouth to fill the awkward silence. 

About halfway through the movie your eyelids began to droop. Like clockwork, you dropped down to Calum’s lap, allowing his fingers to fiddle with your hair. you sighed.

“So I heard that you’re going to dinner with Michael tomorrow,” Calum whispered cautiously. Your eyes shot open but you dared not to move from his lap. You wondered why he brought it up. It always bothered you when he would argue with you about the guys you go on dates with. After years of quietly pining away for him as you grew up, you sought to move on and keep him at more of a distance romantically, for your heart’s sake. It frustrated you when he made your dating life a huge deal.

“Uh, yeah. I am,” you replied softly, feeling his thighs tense a little under you. 

“(Y/N), I just want you to be careful… Michael is a little bit of a partier…” Calum sighed, his fingers dancing on your shoulder blade. You softened. 

“I’m always careful, Cal,” you whisper, eyes drooping again. 

“I know, babe,” he trailed off. You knew that he was only letting this go because you were obviously exhausted. Your breathing slowed and you felt Calum’s fingers return to your hair. You couldn’t very well fall asleep like you wanted to because of the loud television, but it was easier to feign unconsciousness than wracking up a fight with Calum.

After a few minutes, Calum turns down the TV a tad and brushes hair from your face.

“I’ll always protect you… I promised myself I always would. Even if you aren’t mine. I won’t ever stop looking out for you…” Calum whispered to you. 

Your heart fell into your stomach as he said these words. He must have said them to himself, believing you were asleep. 

“Maybe one day you be me, when you’re just mine… because I’ve always been just yours.”

malumsbooty  txhohood

I HOPE YOU LIKED THIS I’m not very good at fluff at all, I’m WAY better at the smutty stuff… but I tried. I hope it isn’t too cheesy… i love you guys and this one is for krysten because calum :-D