mcr army

The world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me
—  My Chemical Romance

So as everyone is aware, MCRX is very rapidly approaching (aghhhhhhasdfggjkl no words), additionally marking the 10 year anniversary of The Black Parade (2006). Teenagers, being the fucking brilliant song it is, is only half a million views away from hitting 100million views on its music video on YouTube. So to show the MCR Army’s ever lasting support and love of the band- lets get this trending, spread the word, GET TEENAGERS TO 100MILLION VEIWS!!! #teenagers100million #teenagers100million


(Brilliant idea courtesy of @piercemychemicalfalloutdisco )


So. I just received this anon. Lets prove just how amazing mcr are and how many lives they’ve changed by REBLOGGING the shit out of this post yeah? :D So, reasons MCR are the best band to have ever lived;

They are super inspiring and positive people. They’ve had their demons and have overcome them. Just check out some of these quotes

“You’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. You’re good enough, you are too good. Love your family with all your heart and listen to it. You are gorgeous. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, as long as you’re a good person, as long as you respect others. I know it’s been told hundreds of times before, but it’s true.” - Gerard Way

“No matter how ugly the world gets or how fucked up it shows me it is, I always have faith.”
-Gerard Way

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
-Gerard Way

“You should never want to hurt yourself. You should love yourself. Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person. We are all becoming what we want to become.”
-Gerard Way

“All we ever wanna do is inspire somebody to be who they wanna be and to give them a little bit of hope.”
-Gerard Way

“If you’re ever in a dark place, don’t resort to violence. Talk to someone; whether it be a therapist, teacher, parent, or just someone you can trust. We all have our dark places and it’s important that you get help.”
-Gerard Way

“It could be anything, give a homeless guy a sandwich, help an old lady across the street, like anything to make this world a better place. If everybody just did one good thing for another person like a selfless good deed just think about how much a better place this would be.”
-Frank Iero

“Everybody goes through rough things in their lives, us included. The best advice we can give is to never give up, and always believe in yourself because when you do that, anything is possible.”
-Ray Toro

“Whatever idea you have, no matter how crazy, just go for it."            -Mikey Way

And that is FAR from all the amazing quotes they have. They’re also amazing with their fans

Oh, and did I mention their out of this world musical abilities? Just listen to them If THAT doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

My Chemical Romance are more than a band, more than an army. They’re a family. They have saved so many people and continue to do so.

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This is why they are one of the best bands in existence. This is why they saved my life.