listen i know 2019 being the danger days year is kinda memey and all but if theres anything yall genuinely take away from this i want yall to be loud as fuck

go to that protest, punch that bigot, do that graffiti, fuck yeah, but this also goes out to the people who arent in a position to do those things

kiss your partner in public, dont let other people define the language you use for yourself, say “im gay/lesbian/bi/trans/etc” out loud even if its just in the mirror, break gender roles, hell!!! just wear those fucking shoes people say are tacky!!! cut holes in your jeans because you think it looks cool even though you’re embarrassed of what other people will think!!!! 

2019 is the year of making some goddamn noise in any way you can because all of it counts

gender is dead wear whatever you want be kind to your friends and take no shit!! welcome to the zones baby!!!!!!!!!!

How come there’s never enough space in hot topic? Why do I always have to shimmy between a rack of band merch and anime shirts just to get to the back? I’ve never been in a hot topic without having to engage in combat with a tattoo-sleeved 20 yr old just to get past the rhine-stoned backpacks. Is the merchandise just so emo that they can’t contain it all?

not to be dramatic but look alive sunshine 109 in the sky but the pigs wont quit youre here with me dr death defying ill be your surgeon your proctor your helicoptor pumping out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive system failure for the masses antimatter for the master plan louder than gods revolver and twice as shiny this one is for all you rock n rollers you crash queens and motor babies listen up the future is bullet proof the aftermath is secondary its time to do it loud and do it proud killjoys make some noise