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“We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our life, done things that no apology can heal, but you just have to keep going trying to find some new happiness no matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people is what brought us together, it’s how we found each other, it’s what made us family.”


The Vampire Diaries 2009-2017: Thank you to the TVD cast for the past 8 years. We’ve grown alongside the characters and I know they mean just as much to them as they do to us.

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I wish you would write a fic about lightning and The King bounding after Lightning loses Doc

When he was invited to the public memorial service, the grief was too fresh in his mind. He couldn’t bring himself to RSVP “no.” 

When RSN asked him to host a charity race in Doc’s honor, he couldn’t help but feel like it was a grab at a “humble” marketing opportunity. The idea of a corporation, even one that provided his career, taking advantage of Doc’s death killed him. He declined.

But when they had the first Piston Cup race under Doc’s name, something changed in him and he simply had to compete. Having someone else take home a cup with Doc’s name engraved on it would have just felt so wrong. So finally, he attended. 

“Key kid!” a familiar voice called out from the crowd as Lightning was making a hasty exit out of the press conference post-race. Still riding the high of the victory, but too melancholic to face the fake personalities of the press, Lightning was eager to load up and head home. However, this voice intrigued him enough to stop and spin around. Upon doing so, he was greeted by a familiar Dinoco-blue smile.

“Strip?” he said in pleasant surprise. 

“Hey, how ya doin son?” Strip greeted in his usual friendly tone.

“Strip! I had no idea you’d be here, it’s been too long.” Lightning said, genuinely engaged in the conversation for the first time in a while.

“I’ve been good, these old axles have healed up pretty well. Enjoying the retirement.” he answered honestly. “How bout you, kid? I had a feeling today’s race might’a been hard on ya.” Strip asked cautiously. Lightning sighed, thankful to be able to give an honest answer.

“You guess right. I’m happy to win, trust me, I am. Feels good to do him proud. But it’s just…” his eyes broke contact to avoid tearing up. “it’s just hard to not see him in the pits, or hear his voice over the headsets. It kept my head on straight.” Lightning suffered through the sentence. “God, I miss him, Strip. It’s just not getting easier.”

Strip’s brows pinched together in empathetic pain. 

“Lightning, I can’t tell you anything that will make it easier. I’m real sorry you’re goin through all this pain, and I can’t imagine what you must be feelin’. But if it means anything, Doc raved about you ever since he became your chief. He talked about how good it felt to be assured that someone would carry on his legacy, that someone would do him proud. Son, I think you’re doin’ just that.” Strip said in his old and wise voice. Something about his speech sounded very familiar to Lightning, and it was a familiarity that he hadn’t felt in a few months. This time, he allowed the tears to well up with a wide and warm smile.

“Thank you, Strip. Really.” Strip returned his genuine grin.

“Welp, I outta return to the Mrs. You take care, Lightning. And take care of his town and his people.” Strip said as he turned to drive away. Lightning gave him a final smile and a nod. 

“I will, Strip. Thanks for the kind words.” 

Strip smirked to himself as he returned to his trailer, happy to see the rookie wasn’t so much of a one-man-show these days.

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries is ending tonight and it’s bittersweet. I can remember watching the pilot episode back in 2009 and becoming fascinated with these incredibly complex characters originating from LJ Smith’s arguably best work. From those first few scenes I knew I would be hooked.

It was the first show that I fell in love with. It was the first show that had me searching for all possible spoilers and theories about what would happen in future episodes. It was the first show that after every episode had me anxiously waiting days on end for the next episode or god forbid season. It was the first show where it felt so effortless to enjoy.

It had an amazing run throughout its first three seasons and that’s how I wish I could remember the show. The show with plot twists, darkness, twisted morality, epic storylines, an amazing soundtrack, and enthralling villains. I adored that show.  

I don’t really want to get into how the show turned into something I eventually had to give up on. But to ignore that part would be a lie. It’s no secret that due to range of different reasons the show started shifting into something that wasn’t as captivating to me as it once was. It is what it is.

Regardless, there are some shows that impact your life even past its end and I know The Vampire Diaries is going to be one of those shows. Even if tonight’s episode doesn’t turn out the way I envisioned or hoped it would doesn’t change the fact that The Vampire Diaries will always be a salvation of some kind to me.

To the fandom (Stelena, Klaroline and Bamon fans in particular) thank you so much. I know it’s been crazy for these past eight seasons and so much awful crap has happened but your perseverance, creativity and undying hope for the show has always kept me interested. I pray we get an ending worthy of our passion.  

Thank you to Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Candice King, Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, Matt Davis, Joseph Morgan, Michael Malarkey, Sara Canning, Kayla Ewell and all other actors and actresses involved for bringing some of my favourite characters to life. Thank you to Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec (even through the many disagreements) and the crew for creating and developing this beautifully compelling show.

“When it’s real, you can’t walk away.”