I’m sure a lot of you know the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, the promotional cars driven around the country for random events. Well, this McQuay-Norris Streamliner used that same strategy back in the 30′s to sell automotive parts. 6 were built, and this one is a pretty active member of the Lane Museum’s collection. They take it out to numerous events and shows throughout the year.


“Bun up the Dance” by Dillon Francis & Skrillez | Choreography by Kyle Hanagami

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

GROUP 1: Haley Fitzgerald, Ashley Gonzales, Stephanie Mincone

GROUP 2: Bailey Sok, Sean Lew

GROUP 3: Anthony Westlake, Hugh Aparente, Jordan Viscomi

GROUP 4: Charlize Glass, Tati McQuay, Bailey Sok

2013 saw the loss of one of the McQuay’s most loved and valued equine partners - Gunner

Under the McQuay’s ownership since 2005, Gunner quickly climbed the ranks as a sire, and in the short span of 7 years, Gunner’s offspring accrued over five million dollars in earnings. 

Gunner not only reformed the McQuay’s breeding program after the loss of Hollywood Dun It, but he also revolutionized the sport of reining as a whole with his amazing offspring. He brought APHA registered horses into the NRHA spotlight for the first time, and showed that a truly great horse can come from anywhere.

Anyone that knew him will miss him, and anyone who didn’t still mourns the loss of one of the most revolutionary sires in reining history - he was a one of a kind horse. The main barn at the McQuay’s has one more stall that will never be filled again. 

RIP Gunner (1993-2013)


Performed by: Willdabeast Adams, Jenna Alvarez, Tahani Anderson, Natalie Bebko, Marvin Browning Jr., Jade Chynoweth, Noah Citek, Janelle Ginestra, Jason Hancock, Taylor Hatala, Kesh Kesh, Sienna Lalau, Sean Lew, Tati McQuay, Josh Price, Julian Ray, Kaycee Rice, Liv Simone, China Taylor, Taylor Thomas and others

Number: “That’s What I Like”

Choreographers: Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra

Style: Hip Hop

From: IMMASPACE Dance Studio (2017)


Beyonce - “Formation”

Choreography:  WilldaBeast Adams 

Hey lads remember like a week ago when I reblogged a post about OC’s and told you to get ready? 

I apologize for the delay, and also the sloppy lineart. 

This is Analise McQuay, and like most of the characters you’ll see me post while I’m doing this oc thing, she’s a Pathfinder character that never saw use in play. She’s a lizardfolk (loosely styled after armadillo lizards) warlord focusing on the Golden Lion, Primal Fury, and Thrashing Dragon disciplines (for those unfamiliar with the Warlord class, she’s a front-line fighter focused on dealing a bunch of damage while dual-wielding who uses her spare talent slots for party buffs), and will always try to maintain team cohesion and boost party morale.

She also happens to be Chaotic Evil. 

Analise was one of a group of characters I made as an exploration of the fact that, by default D&D/Pathfinder logic, the distribution of most populations across the good/neutral/evil axis (and lawful/neutral/chaotic) of the alignment grid is an even three-way split. Because no society could survive one-third its members being psychotic puppy-killers who decorate their homes with orphan skeletons, there has to be some space where a character can register as Evil to alignment-detection magic without being the kind of person that runs into the woods with a shotgun because the frogs are croaking too loudly. 

Analise accomplishes this by having her primary motivation be that she wants to be the most adored figure–or at least lizard–in history for at least a 50-mile radius of her hometown. Her moral compass, then, is not based on what is right and wrong, but what would make for a cool hero. At first glance she’d seem like a regular Good adventurer, but those hanging around her for any extended period of time would notice that everything about the way she prioritizes adventuring duties is a bit… off. Paladins in particular would have a rough go of it because their Detect Evil at-will spell-like ability would reveal her alignment really early on, but no matter how thorough the scrutiny, they’d never find her doing something explicitly Evil except in circumstances that seem to justify it. Well, maybe using poison on her weapons, because that’s Evil apparently, but besides that. 


“Stay” by Zedd ft. Alessia Cara | Choreography by Matt Steffanina & Megan Batoon

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

ft. Dancers: Matt Steffanina, Megan Batoon, Gabe DeGuzman, Big Will Simmons, Balta Monkiki, Bailey Sok, Kelsie Jeffords, Lindsay Prescott, Yumeri, Ken San Jose, Josh Cruz, Samantha Long, Madison, Payton Ackerman, Sammie Zuniga, May, Nikki Kemnetz, Katrina Rosita, Marissa Simmons, Tati McQuay, Leanne Langston, Felicia Gibson

I had such a great time in Texas visiting schools and riding! This is at McQuay Stables and I am riding a horse named Bruno, and young hunter sent there for training!


Lil beasts year 2:

Kaycee Rice, Lexee Smith, Gabe Deguzman, Larsen Thompson, Jaron Snyder, Joshua Price, Taylor Hatala, Nike Tratree, Tessa Brooks, Sophie Reynoldson, Phoenix “Lil Mini”, Kennadi Boese, Sparkles Lund, Talin Silva, Leah Roga, Kaylyn Selvin, Sean Lew, Kade Pait, Jordyn Jones, Big Will Simmons, Soni Brigas, Sophia Jahadamy, Boogie-Malia Tinay, Sierra Neudeck, Tatiana McQuay, Bgirl Lex