The Sharpest Lives (Closed RP, John-117 and Noble Six)

The mission, they said, was critical.
A small window of opportunity to retrieve an admiral and their family from a well-entrenched group of insurrectionist terrorists, who intended to execute the lot, five people in all, over live broadcasts the closer their final deadline came without their demands being met. The admiral of course would be last, along with the usual threats of executing the lot should the UNSC deploy it’s forces to retrieve the admiral. A huge blow to morale and a potential PR disaster if it reached civilian channels. 
And so they’d come to him with the assignment, pairing him with just one more Spartan, a III, before hustling the two of them aboard a shuttle and off the UNSC Infinity as soon as they were both in full kit and armed up. Any more than two, the officer who’d handled their briefing had insisted, and there would be too much attention drawn to them, too much risk of exposure. Instead, just the two of them, considering their ‘status’, would be more than enough. What status that was eluded him. 
Either way, it was good to be back in armor and back in action, and the fact that his partner didn’t seem the chatty type didn’t hurt at all either. She, for her part, had been largely silent during the trip and that suited him just fine. He wasn’t particularly in a talking mood, not that he’d ever been a great conversationalist with anyone but his IIs and a handful of others. That was changing, sure, but during this first deployment it was nice to just have the quiet. 
“ETA until arrival, 10 minutes.” Their pilot called back, and the Chief could feel the slight vibration ripple through the craft as they hit the upper atmosphere of the planet that was their destination. 
On touch down, we’ve got an 11km route from landing to target, He reviewed the mission parameters quietly over his HUD, noting that the last two kilometers were through a semi-urban area, most likely a settlement populated entirely by Insurrectionists. In quiet, out with a bang with five in tow… Here’s hoping she’s as good as they seem to think,  because I’m not particularly fond of the idea of lone-wolfing this while protecting this many people…

John-117 - No Challenge

Four approaching opponents, fully shielded and armored, from multiple angles. All armed. All shielded. All gunning for him and him alone, the last man standing. 
Poor bastards. They were severely outmatched. 
He was moving as soon as he’d thought of running, tearing out of the small alcove he’d ducked into, firing as soon as he pushed off from the ledge that would take him to the ground, twisting to maintain his rate of fire that cut through shields and sent his defeated enemy tumbling to the ground. His own shields were barely diminished by a quarter by the time he’d reached the next structure, slamming his back against the wall as he checked the clip in his MA5D. 
Keep moving.
His heartbeat quickened slightly, as he pushed off from the wall as hard and fast as he could, lowering his shoulder at the last second to shatter through the concrete and rebar, taking down the shields of his second opponent on impact and finishing him off with a quick pull of the trigger. Three bullets, one kill. 
Two targets remaining. 
The report of an S2 AM and he was off like a shot, the bullet singing off the ground inches behind him as he ran for cover, eyes searching out the trail left by the round, settling on it as he went. If they thought that would complicate things, well, they certainly had another think coming now didn’t they? 
He landed almost directly atop the third target, coming up behind them while they crouched under cover and sinking his blade deep into their kidneys. One jerk, two, and then a quick snap of the neck to the side and they were done for, slumping to the ground with a pained cry as he snatched the DMR from their hands, scope immediately synching with his HUD as he crouched low, swept the area for the sniper from before. 
Too easy.
Four shots to the head, and that was it. He straightened, alone on the field of combat, surrounded by his defeated enemies-
“Very good, 117! Seems like we’ll have to figure out new scenarios for you!" 
Roland’s voice cut through the simulation, and the psychological disconnect of combat for the first time in a little over six months, as the hardlight holograms faded around him and he was left looking confused about himself for a moment or so as he remembered where he was, what he was doing.
UNSC Infinity.
Training Deck.
War Games.
John-117 breathed a soft sigh of relief, shoulders slouching for a moment before the blink of a message window on his HUD finally registered with him. He didn’t move, pulling up the message without bothering to acknowledge the praise or insults tossed at him by the team of IVs - six in all - that he’d cut through like nothing. 
Private CommText To: MCPON Sierra-117
From: Cpt. Adrian K. Fii
Chief, can we meet for dinner tonight? I miss you. - Adrian.
A faint smile came to his lips behind his polarized visor, as he activated the subaudible-to-text routines of his armor and neural interface. 
Private CommText to: Cpt. Adrian K. Fii
From: MCPON Sierra-117
Well it’s about damn time. 1800? Where? - John

Class Reunion - John-117/Fred-104

Things were definitely looking up. 
He and Ana-001 had reconnected after what felt like an eternity (and earned themselves a renewed ban on silly string after their antics on leave). 
He’d found himself an ally in Christian-B122. 
He was finally going to be moved from the standard enlisted’s quarters where he’d been residing, moved down to the section of the living quarters where the IIs and IIIs were residing - that prospect alone was exciting, hearing the term IIs as a multiple. 
And Adrian… his lover and his dearest friend, hadn’t moved on after all. 
John-117 smiled softly to himself as he took a seat at the piano he’d managed to locate in one of the Infinity’s many rec rooms. It had taken him weeks, if not a month, of searching to finally find one more suitable to the musically inclined members of the crew, let alone one that had a piano. 
It had been forever, since he’d had the chance to just sit and play. The one thing that had given him a sense of comfort and escape, a little reprieve from the world, and he felt like he hadn’t played in a lifetime. He stretched his hands, wrists, shook out his fingers for a moment, before throwing caution to the wind. Who cared if it took a little to get back into it? 
But it didn’t. Like most people remembered how to ride a bicycle, John-117’s hands remembered the layout of the keys and how to move in tandem. Two quick scales to warm up, before he nodded quietly to himself and set into the first few bars of Für Elise. 

“You Remind Me How To Smile…” John-117 And Adrian Fii
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The Halo RP Reference Guide - By Nox_Aeternus and ODSTAdrianFii

A handy-dandy guide to RPing in or with someone in the Halo Universe. Included, adapted for the Halo Universe, are:

  • Military Rank Info (Who’s a Sir? Who do I salute?) 
  • Military Uniform Information (What’s Half-Kit!?)
  • Military Alphabet and Terminology (Whats ONI? Whats an MOS?)
  • Military Slang (Sniper Check? REMF? Whaaa?) 

This is an ongoing piece of collaborative work between myself and Adrian Fii. If you have any pieces of information you’d like to request inclusion for, feel free to send either of us Asks and we’ll work on adding it for you if it seems like essential knowledge for the basics of Halo RP. 

Please share with your friends, but leave credit where credit is due as we’ll be maintaining this document for the use of all of Tumblr’s Halo RP community.
The Sharpest Lives

John-117 and Alyss-B312 are assigned on a priority mission to rescue the family of an Admiral from Insurrectionist hands. During it’s course, the only two Spartans to have achieved HLV status find that they may have more than just their lethality linking their backgrounds. 

The collected posts of “The Sharpest Lives” RP between myself and AskNobleSix, posted to GoogleDrive with SixMun’s permission for your enjoyment. 

anonymous asked:

"You've failed, you've failed humanity when New Phoenix was composed, you failed Cortana when you couldn't get her back to Earth and eventually you're going to fail Fii too."

The Chief’s mouth opened, as he tried to force out words, then closed, lips curling in a snarl and fists clenching tightly as the world went red. 
It took two full S-IV Fire Teams to bring him down, or so they told him as he sat silent and sullen in the brig, gaze fixed on the cracked and bruised knuckles of his hands. That he’d sent three members of those Fire Teams to the med bay despite them being in their full kits, and that they hadn’t bothered to take the man who’d dared to say such a thing to him to the Medical Bay… but straight to the morgue. 
There would be charges, they said. 
And evaluations. 
But he didn’t say a word. 
How else was a man supposed to react, when faced with his greatest failures and the sum of all his fears?