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Also, don’t most homes not have A/C? When I was there none of the cars I rode in had A/C. I would prob melt and die if I didn’t have air in Mississippi.

yep. you’ll find AC in large shops, (like supermarkets, etc) and office buildings, but not homes, and only in expensive/modern cars

it’s understandable, we only have summer for a short amount of time. but that amount of time is *always* unbearable 

How To Fake Relationships

Chapter Two

It was the first time you had ever seen the boys speechless. Not only were they speechless, but they had wide eyes and dropped jaws to complete the look. This wasn’t the reaction you were expecting. Although you really had no idea what to expect. It was like you and Calum where in a universe where you had hit pause on the world around you.

“You’re what?” Mikey stammered. Was that a tone of jealous lover?

“We’re uh dating?” Calum said.

At least you weren’t the only one finding this silence disturbing. Calum scooted closer to you making you bump knees. Was he always this warm or was his blush so strong it radiated heat? The thought made you smile which the boys interpreted was Calum touching induced.

“Since when?” Ashton asked.

“Technically? Since last week.” You were lying through your teeth. But you had to be convincing so you intertwined your fingers with his.

“Well. I like it.” Luke said. “I always knew you two would date. There’s just that vibe.”

“I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought so!” Ashton chirped in through a mouthful of mcmuffin.

And somehow that was the end of it. The conversation was veered to tonight’s big concert and to stupid dares. Although you couldn’t help but notice two things: 1) Mikey hadn’t had anything to say about your new relationship and 2) the way Calum was rubbing his thumb in circles on your hand.

You had decided to take a break from your “boyfriend” and the boys. Every girl needs some time without the aroma of belches and B.O. in the air. So after the hottest shower and enough coconut body lotion to ensure you’d never have wrinkles, you had found yourself curled in Calum’s bed.

And not even for the whole dating look. Had you always laid in his bed when you were bored? It had always been so nonchalant before that you had barely noticed. Then again, his was the best smelling bunk and the cleanest.

“Knock. Knock.” Mikey said as he leaned down to look at you on the bottom bunk. “Hey.”

“Hey.” You had jumped up to find your head connecting with the top bunk. “Dammit! Oh gawd, am I bleeding? I think I’m bleeding! Mikey I’m about to die by bunk bed.”

Mikey laughed as you rolled out of the bunk and stood next to him. He reached over and checked where your hand was rubbing your head. “No blood. Just a bump. As always you’re being dramatic.”

“Me? Dramatic? Never.” Sarcasm was oozing out your veins as you spoke. “So..”


“You’re not mad right? That I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“Maybe a little. But I’m cool with it.”

In that moment you felt your ego, your plan, and your hair deflate. But the hair thing was because of the dreadful summer humidity. The rest was because Mikey was fine with you dating Calum. That’s not the plan!

How dare he not be so jealous he has to fuck you senselessly into the sheets to prove his love!

“Oh uhm I’m glad. That you’re cool with it.” You weren’t glad.

“So why did you guys wait to tell us?”

“Huh? Oh. Uhm. We wanted to go on a date first and make sure we wanted this.”

Lies. All lies. It was like a bad case of lie-vomit. And you were eating lie soup. Bathing in lie soap. Oh wait you did bath in lye soap.

“Ah I see.” Mikey smirked. “He better have done something good for my best friend. Where’d he take you?”

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

“Just an easy date. He took me to the park to go watch that screening of The Fault In Our Stars.” That wasn’t a lie. He did take you. It just hadn’t been a date until now. “And at the end he kissed me. That was all really.”

There was a blush creeping up your cheeks as you thought about Calum kissing you. Mikey smiled. “Ah, you’re blushing. How cute.”

Mikey pinched your cheeks which you slapped away. “Shut up.”

Calum popped his head in. “Uh, it’s almost time to go set up, Mikey.”

“Right! Well I’ll give you two love birds a minute.” Mikey wink laughed as he ran to catch up with Luke and Ashton.

Through the window you could see the three of them trying to make a three person piggy back ride on Ashton. You and Calum laughed.

“Mikey’s cool with this by the way. No jealousy.”

“He’s faking it.”

“Maybe. Oh uhm if they ask which they will because Mikey did. Our first date was you taking me to the park screening of The Fault in Our Stars. You kissed me at the end.”

“Oh so that was a date?” He smirks.

You shrug. “Don’t forget this was your idea. This was all a ruse to get me to date you, wasn’t it?”

“You caught me. Y/N I’m madly in love with you. Marry me?”

You laugh as he dramatically gets on one knee. He pulls you down on top of him as you both fall into a fit of giggles.

“Alright. How long are we gonna date anyway?” You ask as you become increasingly aware of how close you two are. Not that it matters.

“Til Mikey admits his jealousy may take too long. How about a month? It’s not too soon or too serious”

“We could do that. Oh and Calum?”


“Brush your teeth. You’re breath reeks of mcpancakes.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s just pancakes.”

As you watch him run to catch up with the boys, you can’t help but smile. Not just anyone gets to fake date Calum Hood, after all.