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2 & 49

2: If you could witness any historical event in person, which one would it be and why? 

The sinking of the Titanic. I’ve read so many books about it and done so much research on the event on my own. I just think it’s absolutely fascinating and I have since I was young. Would I have wanted to be on the ship? Noooo. But maybe watching the event unfold from above would be interesting? And if not the sinking, I’d just love to have explored the ship in the days before it sank.

49: Who is your favorite fictional villain? 

Moriarty, and more specifically, BBC Sherlock’s version of Moriarty. He’s so deliciously terrifying and creepy, but it’s incredible to see. My aunt’s a criminal psychologist and has dealt with psychopaths in the past while working, and when we watched Sherlock together and she watched the Great Game, she could absolutely say with certainty (well, as much as she could without an examination, since he’s fictional) that he was a true psychopath.

Thanks for the questions!

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oh you thought this was the greatest, too yay i wasn't alone ahh

omg yes i did dw!!
i watched it years ago and I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY COOL
but now i look back on it and i’m just like wow ok that was kind of cheesy and maybe a bit lame and i just (⊙‿⊙✿)??

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but... it's not incest.. I mean seriously it's not they're not related why are we talking about incest /lols into the night

yeah i don’t know either

some people say that about deancas too and it’s ok if that’s their view on their relationship but it’s obviously not mine and telling me they’re ~~~not like that~~~ is just rude

mcmoriarty said: r u.. serious.. they shame u.. for you.. aRE YOU FRIGGIN SERI— ok pauline stay calm ok what do we do ummm how about you try and tell your teacher and that you’d rather not go. and maybe you should change your doctor bc wtf ok.

ily babe ; U ;

i dont even have a regular doctor i go to but like for example the one time i went bc of my knee the asshole made it so that i spent the rest of the day crying under my covers because of his snide remarks???? “look at you, and that at your age, youre only 17………" 

about telling my teacher, id like to refer you to this reply: hh i suppose i could but: she’s really scary. also, she’ll likely ask if i saw a doctor about this. which i didn’t, because doctors are even scarier. all in all a very scary situation.

mcmoriarty said: hmmm maybe you should tell your teacher about it. and also maybe you should carry like.. .. a water bottle in your bag for future reference! and yes i know the feel i don’t like seeing the doctor, too but maybe it’d help?? <3

((they always shame me for my weight)) ((and i end up crying before im out of their office door)) ((every time))

but like i have to decide what to do within the next hour ; u ;

mcmoriarty said: i know the feeling of standing too long and then feeling dizzy yes that’s probs circulation how about you see a doctor sometime soon?? ? i did, too and they tell you what helps. do you drink enough??

i suppose i do?? hhhh you know im scared shitless of doctors that never ends well for me ever ; ; ;