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hey sorry to bother you but i was curious, ive been calling lance mcdoodle since forever really idk where it really came from i just picked it up off the rest of the fandom i guess... i was reading your writing lance ref and saw some of the posts about mcdonalds and everything else you call it lmao but is it just you dont like it because its not a cuban name? what are your favourite names instead? are really long names common in cuba? i have a lot of questions im a dumb mayo person sorry ;_;

Don’t apologize for asking questions!! Please!! I’m really happy and eager to help!!!

Here’s the thing about mcdummy: 

A lot of hispanics have grown up hating their names for sounding too hispanic. In hispanic culture, last names are important because they carry ethnic pride. We never should have grown up hating our names for any reason. seeing a character with a hispanic last name is so incredibly important, and that’s what people who go “oh but he doesn’t have to have a hispanic last name to be hispanic!!!!” don’t understand. 

Ultimately people only picked up on mcmoco because they got it from the previous cartoon, where literally everyone on the show was white. Literally even if someone that uses the mcpapaya surname who’d say “I’m not whitewashing tho!!!”, they’re still using the title that has actual white origin; hell if I’m gonna be really honest here, it really has whitewashing origin, because it’s technically an English dub name.

As for favorite names:

Personally, I really like to think that his real name is Leandro Acosta (simplified vers. of my hc full name lmao). 

My personal favorite hc surnames really are anything and everything that hold some meaning of water, such as Acosta, Cuesta (both meaning ‘coast’), and Fuentes (meaning ‘fountain’). 

I see Sanchez being the most popular latinx surname but ehh imo it doesn’t really suit him?? But better than mcpinga so w/e :v 

Honestly I really like the hc of using Lance as a nickname as it’s easier for people to remember because that’s a thing I and a lot of other Hispanic people who have ~uncommon~ first names do, and I really like Leandro because 1. It’s considerably hard to pronounce if you’re not latinx, giving all the more reason behind the Lance nickname lmao and 2. IT MEANS LION.

As for the long names being common in Cuba?


Most commonly, people would have four last names, going in the order (if my memory serves me right bc tbh I forget): [father’s name] [mother’s maiden name] [father’s mother’s maiden name] [mother’s mother’s maiden name]. It can even go on for longer.

It’s also common for people to have either one or more middle names, although it’s just as common to not have a middle name at all.

If you’re going to have Lance being born in Cuba, he’d have at least four last names; he’d ‘simplify it’ (aka sticking to just the first surname) prior to moving to the states though. That’s a common thing when adapting, if that makes sense. If you’re going to have him be an American-born Cuban, more than likely he’d just have one.

I hope this answers everything!

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