mcminnville tn

My dog is missing

 I just found out my dog, Rosie, went missing a few days ago.
(I’m in college and called home just a bit ago and that’s when I was informed)

Her and one of my other dogs disappeared the other day, the other one is back but Rosie isn’t.

I would really appreciate if this could be passed around so if someone happened to see her they could inform me

She should probably be around the McMinnville area (most likely right as you enter the Eastside area)

This is what she looks like

She looks kind of mean, and she’ll sometimes growl but she’s just a big sweetheart and she’s never bitten anyone. She’s been part of my family for a long time.
Her collar should have contact info that is correlated with Smyrna (she lived with my sister back when she had the collar made)

It would mean a lot to me if people kept an eye out for her and maybe shared the info if you have TN followers.