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I always wanted to do a master list <3

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Seven act with an MC who is kinda awkward

Yoosung + Seven + Saeran React to an MC who gets bullied by a guy shorter than her.

Yoosung + Jumin + Seven React to a feminist mc

Jumin + Zen + Seven with singer s/o   

MC and Seven are childhood friends

Seven + Jumin + Yoosung React Mc runs into the rfa member and they don´t recognize each other until the day of the party.

Jaehee + Saeran reaction to their girlfriend who’s a total badass but actually gets scared easily

Seven + Jumin + Yoosung React to a beatboxer MC

Seven + Yoosung + Zen an animator MC

Yoosung + Jumin + Zen React to a MC who is a guitarist/vocalist of a band

Jumin + Seven + Saeran React to Goth Mc

Yoosung + Zen + Seven reacting to an MC that sweats a lot 

Zen + yoosung +  jumin React to Mc that swears excessively 

Jumin + 707 + Yoosung React to a really giggly MC

Zen + Saeran + Seven React to a sorcerer/sorceress MC

Jumin + Yoosung + Zen React to Mc getting very sick 

Zen + Jumin + Saeran React to MC with 3 big malamutes

Jumin + V +  Zen React to model MC 

Jumin + V + Saeran React to Mc temporary blind

707 + Zen + Jumin React to Mc who is a circus performer

V + Jumin React to Mc telling them that they cheated on their EX as revenge

Jumin + Yoosung React to Mc having suicidal thoughts 

Yoosung + Jumin + V a una MC que solía ser una patinadora artística en hielo, y que se retiró debido a una lesión.

RFA + V + Saeran React to a YouTuber!MC and joining her for a video

Jumin + Zen React to  MC to never talk about their emotional burdens and past (family) abuse

RFA + V and Saeran get jealous of the other members because of their relationship with MC.

RFA + V + Unknown when you let them play a difficult boss battle

Zen + Jumin + Saeran React to MC treats them like her pet

RFA+V+Saeran meeting MC’s first love who she’s still in good terms with

RFA+V+Saeran+Vanderwood React to mc coming out as bi to their parents and goes wrong

Rfa + saeran react to Mc that is good at firearms

Jumin + Seven + Saeran + Zen React to Mc sleep talks with a remote control.

White and dark chocolate stories (A story with 2 endings).

Seven x reader x saeran Part 1 |  Part 2 (Smut)

Zen: “She would never commit suicide, would she?” (NSFW, Triggers)


Mc just wearing Seven´s favorite piece of his clothing

Mc just wearing Jumin´s favorite piece of his clothing

Mc just wearing Zen´s favorite piece of his clothing

Jumin + Seven React to Mc dressed as a cat

Zen + Yoosung + 707 React to Mc with a thigh riding kink 

First-time sex with Jumin

Saeyoung in Rika’s apartment with MC 

Saeyoung x reader x Saeran (No incest, they just fuck you at the same time) Part 1 |

MC sending them nudes in public and other things series:

Seven | (in progress)

Mini One-shots

Yoosung v.s Jumin

Does Jumin Han is gay?

Two introverts (Saeran)

V´s recovery  

Happy ending for everyone (Jaehee x Mc)

Saeran in one of his episodes (Trigger warning)

Cute Jaehee (Jaehee x Mc)

Seven knows everything 

Jumin scolding V

Domesticated Mc by Jumin?


What´s in Vanderwood´s purse?

RFA on a Fairytale 

”Daddy don´t cry”Seven´s son cleans his dad tears “I understand”

Seven makes Mc laugh for the last time

Grandchild of Zen and MC telling their love story

Yoosung dancing “Loca” by Shakira and Seven find out

“Saeran, I think I´m in love with your brother.”


Love letter that’s a little possessive and dark from: Yoosung, Jumin, and Zen

letter from V & Jumin to MC

A letter from Yoosung, Seven, Saeran and Zen to IRL Mc

Mini Seven´s fic: MC’s father being a secret agent like Seven (Finnish I think?)

Part 1

Part 2

Seven says “Your daughter calls me daddy too” to Mc´s secret agent dad

Jumin´s mini fic:

Part 1:  Domesticated Mc by Jumin?

Part 2: New Jumin?

Saeran´s Fic “Perfect Boyfriend”  (in progress)


2 Lovers (Seven)

Cheating HC | Part 1 | (in progress)


Tokyo ghoul. 

Saeran x Mc | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |(in progress)

High school 


Saeran and Saeyoung

Jumin | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

RFA SONGS (the PERFECT songs that I think are perfect for each character)

RFA Psychological diagnosis

  • Rika
  • V (in progress)
  • Jumin (in progress)
  • Searan  (in progress) 

I hope you like it.

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