Double McMeenah update!! Last two stages aaaaand that big empty space on stage 6 is something I want you all guys to see for yourselfs when you play the game. We may or may not redo some chests (according to the background) since keeping the Dersite chest for everything seems a bit monotone.

I’ll post a peek of the last levels background later for all you curious people!! ;333

McMeenah’s gonna be finished as soon as the reaction sprites are so the wait is coming to an end!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Some blackrom for stage 4 (as if the rest of the game wasn’t based in that anyways).

We’re taking a short brake to do a quick demo of one of our next projects and we’ll resume McMeenah just this sunday, so no worries. This one project is Homestuck as well and applies to a different genre which we think you’ll all like!!

We’ll be offline til saturday and post screenies and if possible demo then.

Given all the issues with the demo 1.1 we’re releasing ANOTHER technical demo 1.2 which will have some changes like a new boss routine and more animations maybe some sprite changes.

As I always say, that’s mainly due to it being a technical demo and not the actual demo.

We’re paralely working on McMeenah, which we’ll release a couple of screenshots maybe later or in a few days and then we’ll keep working till the final release.

Musicians, spriters and level designers are still needed so if you want to apply you can use either my ask box or Rinny’s.

School is annoying, Rinny and Red said. They weren’t exactly laughing. THEY WERE SETTING IT ON FIRE

But Dipper goes to Taco Bell references apart, I’m here to make a couple of announcements, obviously.

First I want to say that Star Traveller’s final 1.2 demo will be available the 29th of this month (September) and it’ll be the last tech demo till the real one which I suppose will happen around April next year. (Yeah, it’s a lot of time)

On another hand, we’re hoping to release McMeenah somewhere in the next month, but I have only managed to design 3 out of 6 stages, so if you’ve seen the first one and are interested, we’re going to do a little contest.

Simply reblog this post with your idea, the goal of the stage must be to shut up Kankri, but his victim doesn’t necesarily need to be Karkat. He can get in a discussion with Porrim, for example, that would be valid too. You can use up to 4 interactive points counting characters and objects INCLUDING Kankri and/or his victim if your idea is that you can interact with them.

The stage can be set in any of the dream bubble locations Meenah walked through the flash and if the second flash gets released before McMeenah, those locations will count too.

Good luck participating and thanks for helping and supporting S.S. Studio!!


I hope people read this.

Red here, making yet another announcement.

I’m close to finishing that project that was keeping me so busy ((it’s due to the 16th this month)) and well in the end I had to code a game for it so UUPS no McMeenah. I was too busy to even inform you guys sorry ; A ;

The point is the Studio will resume working on all the games ((McMeenah, that Homestuck platformer, our secret project and Star Traveller)) after I give in the project and do the presentation which is oooon… the 18th.

McMeenah’s still close to completition, I wanna do some changes to the platformer, the secret project is advancing secretly and Star Traveller is more or less in the unreleased Demo 1.2 state.


Serious release dates:

Yes, we need some because if else we just slack til last day and end up not making it.

Star Traveller Demo 1.2 (01/26)

Yes, we finally decided it’d be nice to upload a not bugged version of the boss. It’ll be mostly the same but I’ll try to improve a couple of stuff as well, since I have progressed in GML programming since then.

Homestuck Platformer (wip name) Demo (02/09)

It’s basically finished but yes, I wanna change some stuff.

McMeenah (03/16)

I know the game is close to completition, but honestly we have to test and maybe redo some stuff so I prefer to have a full not bugged version before releasing it.

What does that mean?? Well it basically means you’re gonna havea demo or game released each month til April. We’ll probs stop then for a month and continue doing stuff on May. We’re human. We need rest.

Keep an eye on the blog for announcements on new games or release dates!!