Monday Morning, Running Ramblings!

GOOOOD MORNING (or evening, or afternoon, I suppose depending on where you are when you read this). Happy Monday!

First things first, thanks to everyone who understood why I made the decision to defer from Marine Corps Marathon. Please trust me when I say that I’ve already regretted this decision about a hundred times since doing it, despite knowing it’s for the best.

I feel a lot better, to be honest. All the muscles are firing the way they should be, the ankles twinges but there’s no horrific pain. BUT, MCM was just too close for me. With the missed base building and training, I didn’t want to feel like I was pushing myself too hard, too fast to get into marathon shape. Plus, I want to beat my marathon time and I don’t think I could manage it on the mangled training I’d had.

What’s next? Nothing noteworthy, honestly. I dropped from the trail races, I dropped from the marathon. I DO have a 10k that I signed up for: the Dogfish Dash at the Dogfish Head Brewery in September. 

That’s going to be fun because I rarely race the 10k (only have done the Marine Corps 10k, coincidentally) so I feel like I can set a good PR here. And then of course, drink much beer in celebration.

I am contemplating a half this fall/winter. I know of two that I could run and both are just reaching out and twiddling their little tempting fingers at me. 

Well, and then…there’s Boston. Oh God, I want it more than ever now because it could be my first marathon back from the injury. But I am trying to steel myself for disappointment because that registration will be NOTHING compared to the drama of MCM this past spring.

Anywho, that’s where I’m at. Collecting my runs from the past week for a run progress post!