MoTravels: marathon in four pieces

What is the best part of the relay? (no, not running only part of the race but you were close)


I must say I’m not a fan of racing in Milan, maybe because it’s the city I live in so I have nothing new to explore while running, maybe it’s a lack of cheer though it is changing slowly.

That is why I like doing Milan City Marathon in a relay, dividing the course with team mates and making it just a fun run.

I tell you, it wasn’t easy to make it fun on Sunday as it was pouring for the whole race!

(Needless to say I got the most rainy part but it’s ok, I like running in the rain) I finally met all 3 girls from my relay:on Friday I met Renée who was just at the Expo while me and my boyfriend were picking up his bib. The day after I met all three of them at the Expo and we all had our t-shirts, girls had their personalized and we exchanged our strategy on…outfit. Both Renee and Monique run always in skirts while I’m a kind of runner that would never put a skirt for a run, but you know what they say: never say never. I visited also the Mizuno booth and tried some shoes (new wave 3) but I wasn’t impressed. I guess I’ll stick to my saucony’s for now. The evening before the race we had a dinner at my place and I really enjoyed it as we had chance to talk. All of us have different lifestyles but for all of us running is a ‘me-time’ and we try to fit it in our daily routine. Renee runs with her husband and they already signed up for some 10k. Monique travels, runs and write her blog about all these experiences. She’s a great blogger and mother, I hope we meet again on a occasion of two races that we both have in our agendas: Medoc Marathon and Nice-Cannes marathon. Can’t wait! Especially the wine-running Medoc 'race’ … So if you ask me how was the race I’d say it was rainy and that I did pretty well,but running was somehow in the background. I finished my 10.7km, run 2km home, took shower and rushed to the finish line, passing friends who did marathon or relay. I met 'my’ girls at the finish line and Renee (4th leg) gave us all our medals. Mine is a part of a puzzle that we put together. We run a marathon.

5.8 miles run with Pacers

52 minutes. Thanks to Jesse for making me run closer to 9min mile pace!

I caught up with my brother and sister tonight and talked marathon training plans. We’re running MCM together. I love the bonding over running <3

Little bro is doing AMAZING. According to his schedule he hasn’t missed a run yet and is doing 15 this weekend! Longest distance ever for him :) I’m so proud!

The little A-hole also runs his long runs at like a 7min mile pace… but hey we can’t all be 20 year old athletic boys!

first run post mental collapse.

6 miles, 9min pace, all within 30 seconds of each other. 54minutes.

I ran a up beach drive instead of down and got to see new sights. the leaves are starting to turn and it was lovely. little kids were playing soccer. i realized i’m the creepy adult stranger who cheers on random little kids. i’m going to be arrested… i just love soccer and little kids are so cute at it! #notacreeper.

i met my final neighbor today. i now have met all 5 and remember only 1’s name. Terry. oh wait, upstairs girl is Erica? i’m terrible.

i painted my nails (which i stopped biting, thank you very much!) and they are very long and pretty for once. totally for the girliest reason that makes me hate myself a little: rings look better on hands with nails. not that i have a ring. but if it comes, i’ll be ready. (Stop laughing Mar, it’s going to happen eventually).

this has been a random post.

another 6 miles

slow, bloaty, sad miles. but they were done before I set foot into my house (changing in the car win) because they would not have happened otherwise…

In other news, Sisterface went to Mexico and has been feeling squirrely ever since. She’s now accidentally at an ER… :( At least they can tell her if she caught a bug.

In other other news, my mom had surgery on her spine yesterday. I was a ball of nervous ugh, like I always am. She is fine and walking and cheerful today! Huzzah! (rewind: Mom’s not been able to walk, like not even a mall lap, for about 2 years. Today she went up and down stairs and around the hospital!)

Crazy week!

The conference has been amazing so far, this morning is the last day. I was able to go running once this week for 55min… no swims or bikes… but sometimes no matter how hard you want to do something there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We were in lectures from 8am-10pm with breaks long enough for meals, having to get pretty every morning, and every free moment filled with thesis writing.

I’m doing 14 on monday as part of MCM training, and will make sure to rock my swims and bikes this coming week.

42 days out to the tri!

ok, we did take a break to hike… for 6 hours.