thank you @scribblingninja for taking such great pics, i hope i can see you again soon! 

I went as your most lovable mr sharpshooter himself,LANCE

♥BEST EMO♥ is @danuchou , thank you for being my space ranger buddy ( and holding my bag u are an angel and we dont deserve you)

Our one and only pidge is @something-caliginous!

If you see yourself in these pictures please let me know! ( esp the korrasami girls! it was so much fun to take pictures with you both and create the least straight picture on planet earth)


me and @angusango will be at manchester mcm this weekend, as taako and angus on saturday and edward and lydia on sunday!!

you’re more than welcome to say hi if you see us, and we’re having an informal mcelroy products meet up on both days if you’re interested!!