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ALVAR AALTO, Floor Lamp model No.A808 (1955/1956). Originally designed for the National Pensions Institute in Helsinki. Material brass, metal and leather. Manufactured by Valaistustyö Ky, Finland. 

Luhan's Best Airport Fashion: a Retrospective

With news of Luhan’s departure from SM Entertainment, lots of fans will be spending the next few days pouring their favourite old pictures of their bias. Here are some of Luhan’s best airport looks. Do you agree, EXO-L? 

Luhan balances his fiery Givenchy t-shirt with a soft (but still eye catching) pair of green jeans & luxurious Giuseppe Zanotti mirrored high tops.

In tune with the trend for black & white streetwear over the summer, Luhan put together this sharp ensemble - the leather pants & heavy metal details on the Zanotti sneakers are a match made in Heaven with Xiao Lu’s padded bomber jacket and the simple colour palette made sure every eye was drawn to that brown & black MCM travel bag. 

Luhan dove headfirst into EXO’s growing fame in his leather snapback and hoodie in a soft red rose shade. 

Ruby hair looks beautiful against this chic, masculine monochrome outfit - with the obligatory Chrome Hearts touch, of course. 

Lu’s playful use of luxury monograms - Louis Vuitton, MCM and Gucci - in neutral shades of beige and brown fits perfectly with his fun bubblegum pink hair, leopard print rimmed geek glasses and the springtime sky blue trim of his casual varsity jacket. 

In this sweatshirt covered in fluffy cloud roses, camouflage, tartan and candy stripes by Givenchy, Luhan truly made the airport his runway. Complimented with minimalist black leather, a delicate Chrome Hearts cross earring and simply colored soft, shining hair, airport fashion doesn’t get better than this. 

As the chill sets in (for some of us, anyway), Luhan shows us how to stay both warm & stylish by layering a t-shirt over a tailored shirt and wrapping up in a mature & sophisticated tweed coat. Sunglasses & delicious iced coffee, optional. 

A zesty lime green MCM backpack, covered in glimmering silver pyramid studs & a pair of chunky grape purple Beats by Dr Dre headphones makes for a youthful, fun & summer light airport look for LuLu. 

EXO’s monochrome name t-shirts helped make them famous across Far East Asia and around the world, by helping us all to tell apart such a large unit. They were also very stylish - with long, basketball style shorts; a paisley bandana; a leather & gold cuff; a hard black leather trimmed Louis Vuitton Keepall & some modern yet masculine black leggings, Luhan stood out. 

Little Deer wore these Givenchy Bambi low tops to a flight in August of this year and EXO-L were thrilled & amused by Xiao Lu’s cute reference to his nickname. He looked toned down & put together in his gentle grey & black look, with a classic beige leather MCM backpack. 

Credit to: Gentle Breeze, Twinned Poison, Seventh Heaven, Achilles Heel, Bright Eyes, Little Prince, OuterSpace, TV Report, MyMindEXO,, Toldey, Lovesick & any other fansite or news site whose photographs have been used.