mcm expo (may)


MCM Expo May 2013 is over and I had a brilliant time~ <3 On the Sunday I was Pirate France and I got some awesome photos with Pirate Spain and Pirate Prussia, as well as a couple with Pirate England~ ;)

I had a brilliant time at expo, especially since I turned 19 on the Saturday~! Here’s to hoping I can get more awesome photos with awesome people in the future~ <3


i never thought i could be so happy, i’m looking on it from the inside out
given the right circumstances, it could be safe to say, that darling, it’s no crime

@plutoandpersephone and me’s Harry Hart and Eggsy Unwin cosplay, at London MCM Expo, May 2017.


Sonics from MCM! 
I neglected to get photos of BOTH Knuckles. Also, Eggman looks like he’s descending from the heavens to tell Shadow he’s grounded. 

I’m Shadow with the leather jacket and Amy.
@sh4dzi is flower crown Shadow
Bobby Kirke is Tails
Steve is the Shun in the Shadow hood, but he changed his url and I can’t remember the new one OTL

Thanks to Sh4dzi’s mum for taking the photo of tHE SOLID DAP.



Milasaraday week day 8 free day

We made it through the whole week! I’m so proud of us. So for this day we just went with a bunch of the silly pictures we took, because about 99% of our photos always look like this. We had a lot of fun doing these prompts, though it was a lot more work than we anticipated! The pictures of last week were mostly taken on a Friday before I went to work in under three hours, with some extra stuff taken at Dutch Comic Con the Sunday after that. It left us with some 500 pictures we’ve been fervently sorting through for the last week and editing (and that’s not counting all of the other pictures we took at DCC not for MilaSara week)!

The YOI fandom is so wonderful and we love it a ton, so we’ll definitely keep cosplaying these lovely ice lesbians, as well as other YOI cosplays. (we’re planning on cosplaying YOI at MCM Expo this May and at Animecon in the Hague, hit us up if you’re also going im serious we just want to make friends).

@vosplay as Sara & @spacetwinsies as Mila

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So I finally got to take my little girl to her first con and I made her an Aerith Gainsborough cosplay to wear.

She had such a good time and she’s definetly a future cosplayer just like her mum and dad.

Wasn’t very easy to take photos and she was hyperactive and running around the place, everyone else’ cosplays made her so happy especially when she saw cosplayers from JoJo’s bizarre adventure and she kept shouting “JoJo” 😂

It was also the day after her second birthday so was a little present for her.

Now the question is what cosplay do I make her next?