mcm 10k


Orangetheory on 9/26 and 10/1. I still have some issues with my heart rate monitor and often end up adjusting it mid-workout. Looks like it was working pretty well during the second half of yesterday’s workout, which was the running part. So, that’s good.

Also, I need to get back into running outside again. These treadmill workouts are too short for getting ready for the MCM 10K in a few weeks…

In other news, I had an infusion last Wednesday, so things are feeling better!

Just checked the unofficial results...

So happy!

145/7,603 OVERALL

31/4,758 FEMALES

14/902 F 25-29

I WAS THE 31st female to cross the line! GAH. I know thats not top 10 or anything even, but wow. Out of that many people!