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Keith and Pidge

Because these two need more brother-sister time

  • Both have keen Bullshit sensors, so whenever Lance does something Lancish they share a look of exasperation from across the room. Sometimes the disgust is so strong that Lance will be talking to one of them and as soon as Lance says something ugly the other will pop out of nowhere just to share that Look.
  • They also make an excellent Roasting Team. With Keith’s deadpan brutal honesty and Pidge’s derisive wit, Lance doesn’t stand a chance against them.
  • Neither Keith nor Pidge are good at Dance Dance Revolution so when they’ve both reached the point where they’ve given up, they team up and sit by the dance mat and just, smack the sensors for the arrows with their hands and make little devious pap! noises.
  • Pidge has taken it upon herself to teach Keith the ways of the millennial. She makes Keith a dictionary to translate slang. She sets up movie nights so they can watch films integral to pop culture so he can get people’s references. The team is floored when Keith makes a reference on his own because, to quote Lance, since when does Keith know about anything cool?? Pidge also gets Keith into this time-sink mobile app-esque game that’s kinda like tetris and Keith is fascinated with it.
  • If Pidge and Keith are paired together for the maze training exercise, they would set the record for fastest and most efficient completion because there’s this unspoken bond of I trust you and your abilities and I won’t question your judgment.
  • This is why they’re a Dynamic Duo in actual combat. Pidge trusts Keith to vehemently protect her while she’s downloading data from a Galran ship, and Keith trusts Pidge to have his back and cover his blind spots when he’s in the heat of battle.
  • Pidge lets Keith in on her secret favorite thing—cuddling with Hunk. Keith is hesitant at first but Pidge pulls him along and they all end up cuddling together. Eventually Lance gets jealous and dog piles onto the cuddle train, and soon enough everyone joins in and together, they form Cuddletron.
  • Keith and Pidge are the resident cats of the castle. They seem the most chill but if you get close to them they’ll bite your hand off with their sass and spite. Lovingly, of course.
  • They formed a secret Food Pact where they hide their junk food stashes together so no one else will eat it. They know the other won’t eat their food, it’s Lance, Allura, and Coran they don’t trust.
  • Keith practices things like fist bumping and WHAT TEAM?? with Pidge so often he has it down pat, but like, only with Pidge. If anyone else does it it takes longer to register as the same thing. He’s getting there.
  • They have a secret handshake that’s so convoluted no one else can mimic it. [Lance voice] oh so you can memorize that but you can’t say TRON after I say VOL?
  • They can sigh in perfect synch, and it’s completely unintentional they both just experience the same level of done at everything.
  • Sometimes they just sit together with their legs tangled and just do their own thing, just chillin.
  • When Pidge is uneasy or anxious she’ll unconsciously grab onto Keith’s clothing and squeeze. Neither of them notice anymore.
  • They like to do impromptu play-pretend things like they’ll all be sitting at the dinner table and Keith will go “Dr. Pidge” pokes at space goo “the patient is unresponsive I think we’re losing him.” “We’re NOT losing another one, Nurse Keith, NOT on my watch!” pretends to aggressively defibrillate the goo as she shouts CLEAR, and it splatters all over whoever’s sitting next to Pidge. Cue unabashed laughter from the two, until Allura tells them not to play with their food.
  • When Keith comes out to Pidge, Pidge is completely unfazed because let’s be real Pidge is observant so she already knew, but she puts a reassuring hand on Keith’s shoulder because she knows how it feels to put yourself under the scrutiny of others, afraid how they’ll react
  • One time Keith came up to an unsuspecting Pidge and ruffled her hair, and Pidge laughed and blurted “stop, Matt—
  • They just sat in knowing silence for a bit after that
The Heathers have a fake ID
  • *Heather Duke is panicking outside a liquor store*
  • Heather M: Are you okay?
  • Heather D: No, I should have worn the vest! No! No!
  • Heather C: What the fuck are you doing?
  • Heather D: What if I go in and they turn me down?
  • Heather C: Then we're in the same exact place that we are now! Who cares?
  • Heather D: It's fucking humiliating! Everyone in the store sees 'em kicking me out?! And what if they make me put the liquor back?! I can't do that!
  • Heather M: Oh my god.
  • Heather D: What if I don't feel like it anymore, Heather? What?
  • Heather C: Then I'll fucking kill you. I'll get a knife and stab you through your fucking heart!
  • Heather D: Killing me won't get you alcohol, jerkoff. I'm the one with the fake ID!
  • Heather C: Then I'll cut your dumb little fucking face off, throw it over mine, grab your fake ID, and buy it my FUCKING SELF!
  • Heather D: Oh really? You don't have the technology OR the steady hand to pull off a procedure like that, so HA! PEACE!
  • *Heather Chandler shoves Heather Duke towards the store*