This #WednesdayintheWild might be a first - I don’t think we’ve featured an entire public transit system before!* Or at least two lines of one… last weekend the Victoria and Central lines of the London Underground began running late-night on the weekend, between 00:30 and 05:30 BST, and the Night Tube, as it’s called, was decked out for the occasion!

The image looks nicely realistic and vaguely familiar, but I’m not sure where I’ve seen it before… any ideas, startorialists?

Photo sources: BBCNews, A. Mcleod.


*We have featured at least one transit station!

If you ever feel like giving up, just remember that Ella Masar went to Sweden, on the verge of retirement, and admitting that she was happy to go there and just be Erin Mcleod’s wife.
Now, she’s one of the most important players on one of the best teams in Europe, playing Champions league with teammates like Marta, and scoring goals and gaining assists left right and centre.
—  19-8-16
She was just confident. She led. It’s exactly what I think Erin McLeod & myself always wanted goalkeeping Canada to be over and over and over again. This is what Steph Labbe has done. …I think what Steph Labbe did was make a name for herself.
—  Karina Leblanc makin me emotional
It’s been a very humbling process to say “ I, I need you to really love me l, I need you to tell me what I bring to your life and reassure me.” And I’ve never been able to drop my walls and really go and be one with someone, you know really be not co-dependant but have somebody that I come home and I can tell her anything and she will just love me for who I am.
—  Ella on how Erin changed her life

Erin’s periscope from today for those of you that aren’t able to view it on the app/site