emasar3 Payback. #completelyhealthy#swimsuit #potatoesgoing2potate


@emasar3: Payback. #completelyhealthy #swimsuit #potatoesgoing2potate


No Justice, No Peace (9/30/15): Unarmed 19-year old Keith McLeod is another in a long list of lives stolen by extrajudicial police killings. Keith was being pursued by Baltimore County police for allegedly trying to pass a fake prescription at a pharmacy. While being chased, McLeod turned towards the officer and pointed his fingers at him like a gun. He was shot three times. Again, he was killed for pointing his fingers at police. It is unclear what state of mind McLeod was in during the interaction. Some have claimed he may have been suicidal. Regardless, something is deeply broken about a society that excuses or justifies someone’s death for pointing their hands. The struggle continues. #staywoke #farfromover

Keith McLeod was killed on the same day as Jeremy McDole, a wheelchair-bound man who police were called to help after he allegedly shot himself.