Yokai Watch (game) AU where Dr. Maddiman succeeds in killing Keita, as part of McKraken’s plan.

Immediately after he’s killed, his soul and the Yokai Watch are taken to the Yokai World and into McKraken’s hands. When Keita awakens with no memory of his identity (thanks Wazzat), he is told that he is an ally of the white yokai. He believes it and starts using the Yokai Watch for McKraken.

( I swear how have you guys not murdered me yet for not getting to the last requested drawing??? ) 


So I did started this last week but only finished it two nights ago <XD so here is a McKraken light vore doodle set <: I really had alot of fun drawing the sequence of him swallowing the Shmoopie tail ^^ 

also tell me what you think!! :) 

This picture is actually part of an AU I just created where instead of Mckraken as the villian of the first Yo-kai Watch game, it’s Whisper. In this picture, he is basically reading over a file of a random Yo-kai while he gives an uninterested look at whatever you think is happening offscreen. Plus, in case you were wondering, he is wearing glasses that can give him information of anything that he happens to look at. So basically, he’s wearing a glasses version of a Yo-kai pad. The basics of this AU is that Mckraken is the one inside the Crank-a-kai and the butler, or guide as he prefers to be called, of the player character and he is a decent guy while Whisper is the one taking over the Yo-kai Relam. Although, in this AU, he develops an unhealthy obsession with the player character, to the point of trying to get rid of Mckraken so he could guide the player down the wrong path. The failure of his plans in the first game is basically what would kick off the plot of the second game, where he messes with the timeline as revenge. The second game would have also revealed his painful backstory, where after the death of Mitsunari, Whisper more or less snaps and starts to create chaos that no one could ever stop, forcing some Yo-kai to go to war on him, which would have included Mckraken, who was then taken as a prisoner of war and locked in the Crank-a-kai by Whisper himself.

hey more stuff by me :P well I just beat Youkai Watch a few days ago and I fell right in love with this boss Youkai, Chairman McKraken, along with the second to last boss in the game :> 

Now I actually see McKraken being very fond of eating other Youkai like this every other meal, like mostly Youkai of the Nyororon tribe, or pink ones ( since he finds them sweet tasting ) Now I know I said before ( or not idk ) that I prefer soft vore where no one dies, but I also like vore with prey that is just a random person ( or animal ) that is small enough where it looks possible to be eaten like this :3


Some old inked doodles I did a few weeks ago and forgot to post, I have done newer pieces so those will be posted soon :) So these show Mckraken’s main lackeys, Dr. Maddiman’s assistant Miki, and the two bosses as their puuns from Punipuni/Wibble wobble

I hope you guys like these!