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Jim & Bones, where Jim is the school nerd and Bones is a football/basketball/soccer player who kinda finds Jim cute with his fluffy blonde hair and big glasses. He tries to talk to him multiple times but Jim is just too shy.

So I wanted to post this Thursday but my computer completely died. But here it finally is! Thank you for your patience, Nonnie. And enjoy : )

Leonard’s entire life is turned upside down the day the Kirk’s move to town.

See, he’s supposed to be a jock, to everyone but his daddy that is, and there’s a certain image that goes along with being the quarterback. He’s supposed to be strong, popular, personable, and most importantly of all, confident. Most of the time that isn’t a problem. Most of the time he’s all those things, except, apparently, when he’s standing face to face with Jim Kirk.

“Hey, I think that’s my locker. Do you mind?”

The first time Jim talks to him, Leonard is not prepared for the flash of the purest baby-blues he ever did see peering at him from behind what has to be the most ridiculous pair of glasses in the world.

So really, he can’t be blamed for the fact that his brain temporarily fizzes out and he forgets how words work - or anything else for that matter.

“Um, my locker?”

Scotty nudges him in the gut, and Leonard lets out a grunt, his eyes narrowing in annoyance and pain.

Surprise, and a touch of fear, flash through Jim’s eyes. “You know what? Nevermind. I’m okay, don’t really need anything in there anyway. I mean, I can always come back later.” Jim holds up his hands, like he’s showing Leonard that he’s not threat, and slowly back away. “Sorry to bother you, Bones.”

Beside Scotty, Henderson sniggers.

As Jim beats a fast retreat, Leonard turns toward his team mate and arches his eyebrow in silent demand of an answer.

“What?” Henderson asks, and he does not pull off the innocent look at all. “Okay, so maybe some of the guys told him your nickname.”

Leonard’s eyebrow rises higher, and he crosses his arms over his chest in a ‘go on’ gesture.

“And maybe we let him think it’s because you crush ‘em instead of fixin’ ‘em.”

Leonard groans. Well if that’s not just perfect. “Fix it,” he growls. “Don’t need anyone coming after me because they think I’m bullying the new kid.”

“A shit! Sorry!”

The second time Jim talks to Leonard, Leonard’s not prepared for a skinny, wiry body literally <em>running</em> into his chest. He grunts in surprise (not that he’s not used to getting hit mind, just not in the middle of the hallway).

“Oh! Bones! I wasn’t- Nevermind, I’ll find somewhere else to be. It’s just, there’s this guy and…is there some place I can hide or-?”

Even if Leonard had been trying to resist, which he definitely wasn’t, there was no way he could turn down the slightly desperate look of entreaty Jim shoots up at him. He jerks a thumb over his shoulder in explanation.

“Thanks!” Jim flashes a smile up at Leonard, and Leonard swears he goes blind for a second. By the time he pulls himself together, Jim’s gone, and Leonard realizes that he hasn’t managed to say anything to him…again.

“Hey, I’m looking for a, uh, Gary Mitchell?”

By now, Leonard recognizes the sound of Jim’s voice. This time he’s determined that he’ll actually talk to Jim Kirk - especially since last time he seemed to still be under the impression that he was dangerous. It’s too bad that the kid keeps appearing out of nowhere and startling the words right out of him.

Leonard leans back in his seat to get a better look at Jim, and he can’t help but wonder why he’s looking for Mitchell.

“I’m supposed to meet him for some tutoring sessions,” Jim explains. “Oh! Hey, Bones.”

There’s that smile again, the smile that makes Leonard’s mouth go dry and his heart start up a square dance in his chest.

“So do you know where he is?” Jim directs his question straight at Leonard.

All Leonard can do is stare at him. “Uh-” he responds intelligently.

“You just missed him.” Nyota comes to Leonard’s rescue, and he can feel a flush rising up his neck. “I think he headed off toward the gym.”

“Oh.” Jim’s eyes snap to Nyota, and Leonard slowly sinks into his chair. “Thanks! See you around, Bones!”

Jim waves, and heads off toward the gym.

Leonard can feel Nyota’s eyes on him, and he can just imagine the look on her face. Instead of confirming his assumption, Leonard’s head thunks onto the cafeteria table as he groans pitifully.

“Looks like someone’s got a crush!”

“Fuck off, Nyota,” Leonard grumbles.

At least Jim doesn’t seem to be scared of him anymore.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And sure, okay, maybe it’s not the brightest idea that Leonard’s ever had, but at least this time he <em>knows</em> when Jim Kirk’s going to arrive.

He’s prepared.

“Wow, you did really bad on this test.” Jim flops down into the seat across from him, and looks up at Leonard over the rim of his glasses.

Leonard swallows hard. “Yeah,” he manages in something that’s a little less pathetic than a croak.

“Well, I guess we should start then. Where did you wanna-”

“Wouldyouwannagooutsometime?” The words come out in an exhaled rush of breath, and Leonard’s cheeks flame.

“Would I what now?” The test Jim had been peering at slips from his fingers to the table, and he stares at Leonard with his mouth hanging open.

Leonard swallows again. He’s said it once, it’s gotta be easier this time. “Would you, maybe, wanna go out sometime. With me. On a date.” For some reason he feels like he should be extremely specific in this.

Jim continues to stare at him, a flush rising to his own cheeks. “I- Yes.” Jim nods, all his usual, bright self-assurance gone in the face of Leonard’s question.

Leonard grins, and leans back in his chair, once more at ease and utterly confident. “How about now?” he suggests. “I don’t really need help in math.”

“You threw the test just so you could ask me out?”

“Yup. My daddy’s going to kill me. So.” Leonard stands and shrugs on his jacket. “You like burgers right?”

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Hi! Could you maybe do an AU where Bones works at a dive bar and Jim is a guitar player who does shows on weekends and is constantly using his playlist to hit on the grumpy bartender who helped patch him up after falling off the stage that one time?

I love this, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Jim Kirk can sing, alright? Like, the type of singing that absolutely doesn’t belong in a dive bar. And he plays the guitar so well. Whether it’s a quiet, jazzy tune or he plugs in his electric guitar for a a more rocking night, Jim Kirk is incredible. 
  • Bones thinks he’s insufferable. Sure, he brings in the public, who in turn buy drinks from Bones. But Jim is this arrogant, handsome young man who’s full of potential and life energy. Who sees beauty in everyone. Who is always smiling. Who sings beautiful songs he wrote himself. Jim is just that incredibly annoying, good at everything guy that Bones wants to hate but can’t. His only flaw is being clumsy while drunk, and that’s barely a flaw because everyone is clumsy while drunk. And that one time Jim’s fallen off the stage, Bones checks out his wrist and patches up the gash on his cheek. “I’m sorry to say it, but I think you’re going to be fine. Unfortunately,” Bones says, and Jim gasps. “Unfortunately?” He repeats, though when Bones grins, so does Jim. Bones gives him a scotch on the house, and Jim’s more than willing to accept.
  • Jim’s songs get a little different from then on. Weirder. Still beautifully sung, skillfully played on his guitar. But the lyrics are odd. Jim’s just standing on that small stage, sitting on a high stool in front of his microphone. “I’m just trying out this new song that I wrote the other day. It’s called; Thank you for patching me…up.” and Bones raises an eyebrow. He’s trying to listen to the song, but he’s also serving customers their drinks and he’s keeping the bar clean. Over the next few days, Jim adds more songs to his repertoire, all including names like: Dear BartenderYou should walk me home after work, you should call me on xxx-xxx-xxxx, and You should pay attention to me
  • And Bones listens, and surely Bones is trying to turn these songs into hidden meanings that they’re not. Jim has a nice soothing voice he’s grown quite accustomed to, and it sucks when Bones works shifts where Jim’s not there. And when Jim is there, he always goes to the bar straight after his performance for a free drink, something Bones is happy to give him. “Did you like the last song?” Jim asks, sipping his scotch. “I guess,” Bones replies, before adding: “Sure. You have a good voice. Sometimes I don’t even know why you insist on playing here rather than some downtown pub with actual potential.” Jim perks up a little at that. “I’m here for the view,” he says, and Bones raises an eyebrow. Jim sighs. “I’m also here because of the drinks, and the bartender’s pretty nice most nights.” Bones huffs. “Most nights?” “Yeah, I can’t speak for the nights when you’re not working,” Jim adds, and it’s smooth. It’s definitely smooth. But Jim can’t mean anything serious with that, can he? “You get a lot of action with those songs you’re singing?” Bones asks him, and Jim shrugs. “Yeah, I guess. But I’m mostly interested in one particular person.” And Bones really wants to ask him, but a group of new visitors arriving at the bar draw his attention away from Jim.
  • Probably Jim gets impatient. Rather than his own music, he’s doing a bunch of covers one night, and it’s a weird mismatch of genres, with songs such as: Tired of Waiting For You, from The Kinks, I gotta know by Elvis Presley, and Should I Stay or Should I Go by the Clash. It’s odd, it doesn’t fit. People like it, but Bones thinks it’s odd. And Scotty’s leaning against the bar and he’s listening as well, drinking his beer, before turning to Bones. “Sounds like he’s growing impatient, huh?” He says, and Bones frowns, “Of what?” he asks. “Of you, of course.” Scotty replies so matter-of-factly. “What does that mean?” “Oh my God,” Scotty says, nearly slamming his beer down at the bar, hard enough for foam to rise over the top of his bottle. “Are you serious? Ya wee dafty,” he says, and Bones has no idea what that means. “He’s been writing songs to you for weeks,” Scotty explains. “Seriously, he’s put his phone number in one of his songs so you’ll call him. Did you never listen? Jeez.” “Okay, calm down,” Bones says, “I’m sure he’s not… singing about me. I’m just a bartender.” “His song is literally called ‘Dear Bartender’!” Scotty protests. “I swear to God, you are the most oblivious…” He stops when Jim actually approaches the bar again. Without thinking, Bones serves him his usual drink. “So,” Jim says, “what do you think?” “Nice,” Bones replies, in lieu for a better answer because the thought of someone like Jim being actually into him was something he couldn’t really cope with. Jim could get anyone. Why would he even be remotely interested in Bones, who worked in a dive bar at night and a car garage during the day, just to get by? Jim, who was smart, and clever, and just talented at everything he gave a try. “Nice,” Jim repeats, and he really doesn’t sound all too amused at that. “Just nice?” “It was good. Odd song choice selection, but performed okay,” Bones replies, and Jim sighs. “Hey, listen. I’ve been asked to perform downtown. It’s a pretty big deal, and I think I might take it,” Jim says, and there’s something in his voice. Like he’s waiting for Bones to tell him to stay, or something. And Bones wants to, he really does, but Jim deserves so much more than a shady dive bar. “That’s… that’s great news. Well done,” He says, heart heavy as Bones hears himself speak, and he adds a “congratulations”. Jim’s fingers tighten around his glass. He just throws his drink back, and gets up from his bar stool. “Thanks.” And walks away. Next to him, Bones hears Scotty sigh. “If you were waiting for the right moment, Bones, you just missed it.” 
  • And Bones tries to tell Scotty  don’t be ridiculous, but he’s right. And Bones has to think of something quick, because Jim picks up his guitar and he’s cleaning up and if Jim leaves those doors to play at a different gig, then that’s it. No more Jim. And so Bones just panics, and he probably does the cheesiest, dumbest thing ever. “Scotty, take over.” He says, walking away from the bar to leave Scotty in charge, who really doesn’t know how to serve anything that’s not beer.
  • So Bones just slams on a song on the old Jukebox in the corner. It’s loud, it’s super obnoxious, and Bones absolutely can’t sing to save his life, but when he does climb up that stage, at least he has Jim’s attention. “What are you doing?” Jim asks, just closing his guitar case. “I’m an idiot, okay. Just..” Bones starts, but when the music starts, he just starts to sing along because embarrassing himself in front of his crowd of loyal customers - and Jim - is somehow easier than just saying Hey I like you too, and so when REO Speedwagen starts singing the whole “I can’t fight this feeling anymore” Bones just rolls with it and Jim looks at him dumbfounded. “Feel free to stop me any time,” Bones says to Jim, small smile, but Jim is grinning widely, arms crossed in amusement, and he’s just like: “Nah, you suffer through this a little longer.” and so Bones continues ‘ti it’s almost over and finally, finally, Jim pulls him away from the microphone to kiss him right there on stage, but Bones is definitely not stopping him. “You know the entire lyrics to REO Speedwagen,” Jim points out, “that’s pretty bad.” “Shut up.” Bones mutters, and Jim’s just like: “Make me.” And Bones happily does.

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Headcanon that one night Jim Kirk told McCoy everything about Tarsus IV. What had happened, how he still had nightmares, how in the middle of the night he had no one to hold him when he had his midnight panic attacks. He couldn’t tell Spock. He loved him, but he couldn’t handle these types of emotional breakdowns. Bones knew exactly what to do. He had known Jim for so long. So he pulled his shaking captain in and kissed him quickly, followed by a suffocating hug. Jim didn’t even process the gesture, just accepted it. They both somehow fell into a pit of love so quickly that night. McCoy said “I’ll be there for you. Don’t be scared anymore.”


three modes of persuasion + triumvirate 
    ↳     ( authority ; ethos  //  emotion ; pathos  //   logic ; logos )

   surprise gift for @mcsprk ; a treasured mutual & the 
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  • ily:i love you
  • ilysm:i love you so much
  • dptmkotcithaobbitssfmcucuiosawtyspwacoassiyssrwyeabsidadwidas:Don't pander to me, kid. One tiny crack in the hull, and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you're sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles. See if you're still so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding! Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.

so does bones go through lockers on the regular???? is it everyone or just chekov???? jim clearly knew this was a thing so like do they have movie nights where the snacks are whatever bones found in someone’s locker???

bones definitely goes into spock’s locker and moves everything one inch to the left every time