I was asked to make an OC for Princess Cadence herself, Britt McKillip and Princess Luna (and Rarity) Tabitha St. Germain.  Who could say no to such an honor?  Not me!  

Here’s Alicorn Britt.  Her cutie mark is a reference to being part of musical duo One More Girl 

Her smile faded. “Morgon of Hed,” she said evenly, “if you take one step across that threshold without me, I will lay a curse your next step and your next until no matter where you go your path will lead you back to me.”
“I can do it. Do you want to watch me?”
“He was silent, struggling between his longing and his fear for her. He said abruptly, “No. All right. Will you wait for me in Hed? I think I can get us both safely that far.”
“Then will you—”
Alright; then—”
“Then will you come with me?” he whispered. “Because I could not bear to leave you.”
—  Patricia A. McKillip - Heir of Sea and Fire