mckenzie lee


The theme song from “A series of unfortunate events” fits Gotham pretty much, don’t you think? 



 I knew if I saw you, I might not have the courage to leave. And I need to. I finally understand Gotham in a way I suspect you always have. It’s a place where the strongest and most cunning rule … where the cost of survival is paid for by the others and everyone feels alone. Having the virus show me the city truly was. As I truly was. In so many ways the virus made me feel reborn. But if having the virus allowed Gotham embrace it worst self, the cure should remind us there is always hope. A chance to remember who we can be rather than who we are. I don’t know if Gotham deserve saving, but I do know one thing. If anyone can save it… It’s you. And in return, I belive it can save you as well. And maybe one day, it will send you back to me. Until then, love always…


  • Jim: From now on we'll be using code names. You will address me as "Eagle One"
  • Jim: Barbara. Code name: "Been There Done That"
  • Barbara: ...
  • Jim: Lee is "Currently Doing That"
  • Jim and Lee: *high five*
  • Jim: Oswald is "It Happened Once In A Dream"
  • Oswald: *winks*
  • Jim: Harvey. Code name: "If I Had to Pick a Dude"
  • Harvey: *grins*
  • Jim: And Ed is "Eagle Two"
  • Ed: Oh thank god.