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#174: Prom

He holds the limo door open for you, pours your drinks, pulls out your chair and compliments you every opportunity he gets. He wasn’t trying to be a cliché either, he was just so blindly in love with you and couldn’t help but worship at your feet.

“Are you having a good time?” He asks and you nod, giggling nervously from the seat you sit in.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know how to dance to the slow songs,” you admit and he widens his eyes, taking this as a cue to go and request a song. “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith plays and you laugh, allowing him to come back and lead you to the dance floor. “Are you serious?”

“‘Course I am,” he pulls you close and rests your hands where they’re supposed to be and gazes into your eyes lustfully. “You kind of just go with the beat,” he moves his feet slowly and bites his lip, moving you with him at gentle pace. “And you let, everything fall into place.”


“Hey Cal?” You whisper as Calum messes around in the snack bowls. He turns to face you with a surprised expression but quickly softens up when he sees you, remembering how beautiful you looked in that dress.

“Yeah, Y/N?”

“Thanks for coming to prom with me, really, I just-Y/N,” he chuckles. “I wanted to come with you,” he inches towards you slowly and grabs your hand. “I was scared to ask because you were waiting on other guys, but now here we are.” The DJ plays Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and he smirks, pulling you out to the dance floor and staring into your eyes. “No need to worry about other guys or thanking me, at all” he whispers and you bite your lip to contain the large grin you had in store.

“I love you, Cal.”


You sit at an isolated table and play games on your phone, mouthing ‘fuck’ every time you lose. You hear a boyish giggle and peer up to see your best friend who you were currently on bad terms with, fiddling with a pretty rose that matches your lipstick.

“Why are you alone, Y/N?”

“My date cancelled last minute!” You say loudly over the music and he nods his head once and waits for you to reciprocate the question. “Uh, you?”

“My date’s boyfriend finally wanted her back,” he chuckles and holds out his hand. “Join me?” You allow him to take your hand in yours.

“Where are we going, Luke?”

“It’s a surprise,” he winks and guides you out the back door of the ballroom, “Better than this prom, I promise.”


The ring of your doorbell sets everything in motion, your dog barking and your mom running to the door to make sure it was your date. Your dad looks over at you with a small smile and you hear your favorite sound in the world, Michael’s voice as he speaks to your mother.

You stand and try not to trip in your heels, walking over to the door and smiling gracefully. You see that this bad boy boyfriend of yours, who never dressed up, even for formal dinners, is in a very very well fitting tux and he looks handsome and sexy as hell.


“Y/N, you look so beautiful..”

“Me!? No, this isn’t about me, look at you! Wearing a suit and looking handsome and-Y/N, can we have a picture of you two?” Your mom interrupts for a brief second, holding up her iPhone camera. You get close to Michael and hug his arm, kissing his cheek and waiting for the flash to go off. She gives you a thumbs up and your father mumbles a “be careful out there” before shooing the two of you out.