mckendree robbins long


Student name: Marguerite Batta
Title: The Scholar and Sage
School/grade: Research Triangle High School, 11th grade
Inspired by: Apocalyptic Scene with Philosophers and Historical Figures, McKendree Robbins Long, circa 1959

Artist statement:

As the apocalypse tends to have violent, tormenting image to it, I decided to share that with the idea of historical figures and philosophers being in the poem. My poem is based off of McKendree Robbins Long’s ‘Apocalyptic Scene with Philosophers and Historical Figures.’ I also decided to take what could be considered historical tendencies made by historical figures and philosophers praising the strong and bashing the weak, or feeding off of the weak in such manners. The boy in the last line of the poem is the apocalypse himself, ending the tendencies with his final breath. I also felt that, because there were different philosophers and historical figures in the same painting, they’d actually cause the apocalypse themselves- fighting to determine who is actually the most correct, the most prominent, and the strongest, in a manner of sorts. At the same time, there was a pit of fire opened up behind them, sort of seeming to say that they’re actually destroying themselves, and crushing each other without a shadow of a doubt in order to bring themselves up, in a way.