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"You don't need to be scared of me."
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There is only a short, roughly six minute scene between Cole and Sark that occurs onscreen, however, we know that this is not the first time they’ve met and, more importantly, we know that they have, in fact worked together before. Back during Cole’s first appearance in Season One, Cole’s raid on SD-6 occurred simultaneous to Sark’s raid on FTL. The fact that Sark’s raid was successful and Cole’s raid wasn’t is telling- Sark later reveals himself as Irina’s director operations. As no one had ever heard of Sark prior to this moment and he’s extremely young, you can draw one conclusion from this- Sark was promoted due to his success and the meeting with K-Directorate was his first operation post-promotion. The fact that he and Cole were likely up for the same position and their congruent missions were a test to see who was worthy of it can easily be implied.

Now over four years have passed since Cole’s arrest and the scene in After Six that this essay is primarily based around. Bear in mind two things- Cole has been the visible mastermind behind everything the Covenant has done in S3 (we see his silhouette during Sydney’s conditioning process when she’s being tortured into becoming Julia Thorne) and Sark has been treated like dog shit by the Covenant since he was freed. As a valuable resource only in his money (which they have access to), they could have killed him for the audacity he’s shown to them, because he has no real value to them beyond financial backer. Nothing he does for the Covenant couldn’t have been done just as well by someone who would have given them less entitled lip about it. So why keep him alive?

Simple. Cole’s behind everything. Cole was arrested, lost the chance of getting revenge on Sloane (all while Sark goes on to suck Sloane’s dick like the dog he is), and lost the advancement in Irina’s operation and was essentially left behind again (and we all know what started Cole’s trauma), and, meanwhile, who gets everything? Julian Fucking Sark. Cole is not a rational human being. We’ve seen this. He doesn’t believe in casual vengeance. He likes people to feel what he felt, even if it makes no real sense.

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Sark: “So you’re the man behind the Covenant.”

McKenas Cole: “I am the man in front of the man.” 

This sentence stuck with me. Did TPTB flirt with the idea of having Irina as the head of Covenant? It’s just the way Quentin Tarantino delivered the line. It’s the same way he referred to The Man who he used to work for. Thank god, that wasn’t the storyline. But the way the Covenant/Elena is taking over Irina’s former employees plays oddly well into the S4 plotline. But I think that’s just a co-incidence.