John Kasich Balances His Blue-Collar Roots and Ties to Wall Street | The New York Times

John Kasich Balances His Blue-Collar Roots and Ties to Wall Street | The New York Times

As a congressman and as governor, Mr. Kasich has made hardscrabble stories of life in McKees Rocks a cornerstone of his political biography. And now the story of his blue-collar roots is an important part of how he is trying to distinguish himself in a crowded presidential primary field and draw a contrast with two of his leading competitors, Donald J. Trump and Jeb Bush, who grew up in wealthy…

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Meet Marisa:

Hometown: McKee’s Rock, PA
Year: Junior
Major: Public Health
3 words to describe you: High maintenance / Independent / Hard Working
#1 Netflix obsession: Orang Is the New Black
Why did you go Greek?: I went Greek because I wanted to get involved and meet new people, little did I know that I would meet some of my best friends.
Favorite AXiD memory?: I loved being a new member and going to wing night every Wednesday with the older sisters. It was so much fun and a great way to get to know the older sisters better.
Any advice for girl’s going through recruitment?: Let your letters find you. If you can and open and an open heart, you will find the right group of girls for you!

you know what really pisses me off? the fact that my great great grandfather settled the town Mckees Rocks as a shawnee safe place after the tribes continuous attacks by non natives, the great nephew of Tecumseh created a safe place for the shawnee tribe and what do the non natives do? they just push the tribe right out of their own god damn settlement and force them to flee to the Detroit area. Not a single native of my tribe remains in Mckees Rocks today and if this doesn’t give you non natives a god damn reality check than i dont fucking know what will.

Overflowing dumpster not emptied for weeks causes health concerns

A McKees Rocks councilwoman turned to Action News Investigates when nothing was being done about an overflowing, unsanitary dumpster on her street that wasn’t being removed.