even though it’s disgusting and horrible that women (and men) across the world have to deal with rape and sexual assault, i’m glad that so many victims have shared their experiences in light of the harvey weinstein scandal. as a victim of sexual assault, it took me two years to tell my own mother it happened, and 95% of the people in my life still don’t know. i can’t imagine being a celebrity and telling the world. rose mcgowan, reese witherspoon, angelina jolie, olympic gymnast mckayla maroney, taylor swift, lady gaga and jennifer lawrence are just a few of the women who have come forward in the last year. gabrielle union has also spoken about her rape a handful of times in the last few years. people are coming together to talk about sexual assault and hold the perpetrators responsible. it’s finally really being talked about. i’m happy victims aren’t being silent anymore. the shame should belong to the perpetrator, not the victim.


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