Happy Retirement to Ben’s Cat!

The 11yr old gelding ends his career at 11 years old after failing to hit the board in any of his 3 starts this year. 

The remarkable stats of Ben’s Cat: 

8 years of racing

63 races

32(!) wins, 9 seconds, 7 thirds for an amazing 48 on the board finishes. 

$2,643,782 in earnings

26 stakes wins

Won the Mister Diz Stakes at Laurel Park 6 years in a row
Won the Jim McKay Turf Sprint at Pimlico 5 times 
Won the G3 Parx Dash 3 years in a row
Won the Maryland Million Turf Sprint 3 years in a row
Won the G3 Turf Monster 2 times
Won the Laurel Dash 2 times
Won the Find Handicap
Won the Fabulous Strike Handicap 2 times
Won the PA Governor’s Cup 2 times

He collected stakes wins on dirt and turf, from 5f to 1 1/8 miles.

Ben’s Cat has been a true warrior and I hope he has a fabulous retirement on that farm in Versailles Kentucky.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any good suggestions of Stargate: Atlantis episodes where Sheppard and/or McKay get actually beaten up? That's kind of my thing. If you have fanfics that also have that, could you recommend them as well? Thanks! (Sorry, new here so too embarrassed to go off anon)

first of all, welcome, anon! :D we’re glad you’re here! and goodness, no worries about the whole “anon” thing, either! there are a lot of seasoned whumpers here that lurk about under the guise of “anon” - myself included. ;) 

secondly, lemme see… 1x12 (The Defiant One) has some pretty good scenes where John is beaten up by (you guessed it) a wraith; he’s also shot in the arm. 4x04 (Doppelganger) has some pretty great whump, all around, but John is tossed around pretty good by his doppelganger (aka, himself). in 5x15 (Remnants), John is captured by Koyla (again), stunned, tied up, beaten pretty thoroughly, and has his hand chopped off. it’s not actually what it seems to be, but the whump is A++. ;)

i’m sure there’s probably more, but these are the 3 that came to mind for Shep, and i’m not well versed on McKay whump (yet). ;) as far as fanfiction goes, here are a few that you might enjoy - they’re more the aftermath of being beaten, etc, but it’s what i could find right now. (there’s a surprising lack of beaten!whump fanfiction. or maybe i’m not looking in the right place. haha. ;))

one | two | three | four | five 


okay, but this book though.
Set in 1880 New York, this book tells the story of two witches who own a tea shop that helps that ladies of the neighbourhood by providing wisdom and remedy teas all while dealing with the oppression of women at the time AND the mania still floating around about witches.
I could literally rant about this book forever but ! Even more amazing ! It actually has proper witchcraft in the book !!! It pays homage to Wiccan traditions and all of the herbs actually correspond with their meanings. As well as this it delves quite deeply into the Witches Ladder and even has the chant !
An amazing book that I think should be going crazy on witchblr right now


Serena McKay’s badly beaten body was found on April 23, 2017, barely two hours after she was reported missing, in Manitoba, Canada. Police ended up arresting two girls, of 16 and 17 years old, and charged them with second degree murder. Their names can’t be released for legal reasons. A graphic video of Serena being beaten by the teenagers, who appear to be under the influence, was posted in Facebook and remained there for hours before being taken down. It can still be found in the internet, although Serena’s family have asked people not to watch or distribute it. 

Serena was part of the Sagkeeng First Nation and it was one of their elders who found her body. A massive vigil was held in her memory.


Pictured top is a snapchat sent by Canadian teenagers Lynnae Cook and Chrissy Jacobs (pictured) within hours of killing 19 year old Serena McKay. Her face, hands and jacket are seen to be covered in their victim’s blood. There had been a dispute between the three girls due to a rumour that Serena had been in contact with Jacobs’ boyfriend, which turned out to be completely unfounded.

Pictured below is a conversation between Cook and Jacobs after Serena’s body was found, indicating that although they had no meant to kill her, they had still beaten her severely. During the ordeal, one of the assailants live streamed the attack onto Facebook where it allegedly remained for around 4 hours. The graphic footage shows Serena lay on the ground being kicked and punched repeatedly whilst crying “I’m sorry” for an offence she hadn’t committed. However, despite claiming they hadn’t meant to kill her and appearing terrified throughout the personal conversation in the image above, one of the girls was heard to say “I don’t want to fucking see her alive” during the video clip posted online.

Since Serena’s body was found on 23rd April 2017, both girls have been arrested and are facing murder charges.