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Peter New asked for an updated version of the Market Day pic I made for him many moons ago, so here it be!  Not a lot changed. I definitely wanted to update Applebloom expression now that we know she sleeps almost as adorably as Rainbow Dash.  Made the sky pop a bit more, gave Mac a more drowsy expression, gave everything a soft wash and added a hidden badger to the background. 

Just kidding about the badger.

Or am I?

If you do find a badger, I guess I owe you a coke. 

 Thank you guys for sending me well wishes and stuff after that text post. I didn’t mean to worry anyone; it’s just that the fam is going over a little bump in the road like everyone else does. We’ll get past it, so no worries. Still, I appreciate the concern, and my offer from that post will continue to stand. C:

On a more positive note, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to slap some colors onto one of my more popular sketches; the portrait thing of Applejack and McIntosh (dubbed Lil’ Mac by his father) with my version of their mom and dad. I can’t remember if I uploaded the original sketch on here or not, but just in case I didn’t as well as for those of you who don’t know, these two are named Hard Cider (nicknamed Chief) and Peach Velvet.

Peach Velvet is currently pregnant with Apple Bloom in this sketch and the entire family is excited for her arrival, especially Applejack. She never passes up the chance to hear or feel her little sister move around in her mother’s tummy, as she’s doing at the moment in this sketch. This image would have taken place perhaps a couple of months before the death of Hard Cider, whereas Peach Velvet will end up dying about a month after the birth of Apple Bloom. So sad, man. ;_;

I decided to add a little something to my headcanon design of Applejack; in addition to the cream-colored “socks”, she also has a light-colored patch of fur on her chest and her freckles extend to her shoulders and back now. This is because, while Applejack is close to an even blend of her mother and father, she looks a little more like her father, both in color and in body and facial structure. Mac is also a nearly even blend, but he does take more after his mother in his colors and facial features. Apple Bloom, while having her father’s overall colors, is almost dead-on the mom.

Also, if you’re wondering about Hard Cider’s size, I have it headcanoned that he was actually the largest and tallest pony to have lived that WASN’T an alicorn, clocking in at a whopping 7’5 at the withers. The Apples are notorious for having tall ponies in their family, but Chief really took the cake; he’s where Big Mac and AJ get their size from, while Apple Bloom took more after their mother in terms of body build. If you wanna read the headcanon on the parents, you can check it out HERE.

So yeah. I’ll just leave this here.

As always, feel free to ask questions if you have any, and thanks so much for stopping by! ^.^


I haven’t updated the Apple Family for quite some time, so I’ve decided it’s high time I go ahead and do that. Well that, and I really wanted to try drawing some teenage ponies. o3o

So here we are! The sketches of the immediate Apple Family as we know them today, along with Babs Seed. I included her because I feel like she’d feel far more at home with the Apples than she does with her own parents (they love her, but don’t really pay much attention to her), so here she be. :3 I may also add in the parents of the Apple Siblings, but I dunno yet. o.o

AJ and Big Mac have already been colored, but they’ll all be colored and uploaded probably later tonight. We’ll see. Until then I just wanted to share these with you guys, along with some headcanon. C: SO! Here we go!

****TL;DReaders may want to leave. I typed more than I originally thought I did. o.o ****


-Agetha Smith (AKA Granny Smith):

The mother of the Apple Siblings’ father, Hard Cider (whom is not seen here) and the matriarch of the family, Granny Smith is one hardy, resilient mare. Having been left alone to take on the care of a large family twice in her lifetime (once after her husband up and left her, the second when her son and daughter-in-law passed away), Granny has mostly seen quite a bit of hardship in her life. Despite that she always keep a positive outlook and is the initial source where the family gets their renowned stubbornness for. She’s among the oldest living ponies in Ponyville and is still kickin’ strong, and it isn’t uncommon for ponies to seek her out for her wisdom.


-Big McIntosh:

The huge stallion the residents of Ponyville often calls “Big Mac”, this fella is nothing short of a sweetheart. Despite his large body mass and height, he actually gets most of his looks and temperament from his mother, and is no where near as large as his father was. While he does run the farm along side his sister, he’d much rather allow her to take the reigns and do most of the transactions while he mostly bucks and handles the deliveries. Despite it, he isn’t afraid to tell Applejack what’s on his mind and correct her if he thinks she needs it, nor is it unusual for AJ to seek him out if she needs some advice from her big brother.

After the death of his parents, he and AJ both helped Granny Smith run the farm and raise little Apple Bloom. He’s the one who usually cooks the meals, brushes her mane and ties on her bow, and walks her to school (AJ is usually off to set up their stand in the market around this time). He’s also the one she often goes to when she needs help with math, while she goes to AJ for help with history.



The honest, compassionate, stubborn workhorse we all know and love. While Granny Smith is the matriarch of the family, it’s Applejack that controls most of the goings on with the family business alongside Big Mac. Large, powerful, 5'2 and several pounds of pure muscle, it isn’t hard to see where she gets most of her physical appearance from (although she looks like an even mix of her mother and father). After the death of her parents AJ and Big Mac took it upon themselves to help run the farm and raise Apple Bloom, and due to this, she’s a mother figure just as much as she is a sister to the little filly. Where Big Mac is the one who helps AB get to school, Applejack is the one who picks her up. 

It’s due to her fear of losing another family member that AJ was often overprotective of the tiny filly, but it eventually subsides as she ages… mostly.


- Babs Seed:

Cousin of the Apple Siblings, here she is around the age of 16 (she’s the type who looks older than what she is). While she was shy and awkward as a filly, I think she’d eventually grow to be confident, sarcastic, and somewhat sassy. At the very least, she’ll act like that, but regardless, she’ll never truly drop the habit of covering her flank with her tail when she’s exceptionally nervous. As I’ve said, Babs absolutely loves to visit her cousins in Ponyville; as much as she loves her parents, she feels a little more at home in Ponyville than what she does in Manehatten, where many ponies (at least in school) are uptight, conceded, or just downright rude. She doesn’t have that many friends, but the friends she does have are great to her and are her best buds, the CMC included. I think she and AB get along fantastically well; if one didn’t know any better, they would think the two were sisters.

Her cutie mark is an opened apple blossom with a seed in the middle, as you can see up close below. The rest of it is actually a tattoo to enhance the cutie mark, so to speak.

The mark stands for the fact that, despite her relative shyness and tendency to get nervous, Babs Seed can flourish wherever she goes. As an older pony on the brink of adulthood and still in the CMC, she also knows how to help young ones flourish and come out of their shells, to “bloom”, so to speak. She makes for a great older sister figure, even though she doesn’t actually have any siblings of her own.


-Apple Bloom

The youngest of the Apple Siblings, AB seen here is around 16, although she looks younger than what she really is. Like her sister, she hits the larger burst of her puberty a little later than others, but once she does she’ll end up growing taller and with lean muscles.. She won’t be nearly as built as her older siblings, but she’ll still pack a punch; this is because she took after her mother’s slim build. AB at this point is still pretty reasonable and mature for her age, although she does goof up from time and again. She’s finally able to help out in the fields to buck apples, something she’d been dying for ever since she was a filly, but she also juggles it along with school and still running the CMC with Scoots, Babs, and Sweetie Belle. With them being older and already having their cutie marks, their mission had shifted to helping young foals feel more comfortable in their skin and nurturing their talents, rather than doing missions for the sheer sake of hoping to gain a cutie mark (which they finally learned doesn’t work). It’s now more of a Big Sister/Brother, Little Sister/Brother club sort of thing. o3o

AB’s cutie mark is of a heart-shaped apple with a hammer behind it. It actually doesn’t have much to do with building, although she’s relatively good at that. What it does represent is her willingness to take on many things without fear of getting her hooves dirty, to jump headlong into an experiment or discovery confidently and at least give something new a try once. Especially with potions; she’s quite adept with them, thanks to Zecora and Twilight’s tutoring. 


And there you have it! Mah headcanonz yush. o3o

As always, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any, and thanks again for stopping by! C:

Not necessarily a “sneak peak”, but I’ve kinda decided to go ahead and post some of the colored sketches I’ve done up as character-specific headcanons. Kinda like how I already did for the Mane 6. So this one is, obviously, of Big Mac. :3


-Age thingy:

***This actually isn’t his age-thingy, but he is closely tied with AJ and he’s prominently present, sooo….***

-Parents Headcanon:

As quite common to the immediate Apple Family, Big McIntosh is really large in size, clocking in at around 5'8. If you go to the parents headcanon, you can see that Big Mac gets his size and fuzziness from his father, but a good portion of his looks come from his mother, like his eyes, color scheme, and somewhat softer features. He also has his father’s “socks”, however they are a darker red instead of white. He’s ridiculously strong, which is unsurprising given the type of work he’s in; he’s so powerful he has to be very careful when bucking the trees, lest he accidentally uproots it or leaves an indention in it’s bark. The hitchcollar he’s wearing now belonged to his father.

Alongside Applejack, Big Mac is responsible for, not only the upkeep of the farm, but also it’s protection, which Sweet Apple Acres needs plenty of. Due to the Apple Family having a very successful farm (with a near monopoly on the apple aspect of the market), as well as Sweet Apple Acres being very close to the edge of Everfree forest, there’s bound to be bouts of danger. This usually comes in the form of bandits, saboteurs, or wild creatures straying from Everfree.

Due to his large size, deep voice, and strength, Big Mac is usually more than enough to get potential danger to cower away. Pair that up with the fact that AJ is just as powerful and intimidating, and threats usually think twice before attempting anything, but sometimes that’s not enough.

One of Big Mac’s biggest fears is to lose the rest of his family; he’s already lost his parents (and he actually witnessed the fight that ultimately killed his father), and with the possibility of danger still lurking around, Big Mac often finds himself many a sleepless night to patrol the farmgrounds. Just like he promised Applejack when she was nothing but a mere babe, he vows to fight the monsters that dare threaten his family, be it pony, wild animal, or anything else.

He can be overprotective, however Big Mac trusts his little sisters and grandmother to be able to take care of themselves, so while he frets he doesn’t automatically think the worst will happen. He isn’t overbearing about it. But he’ll be damned if he doesn’t fight like hell to protect them when he needs to.

I actually have the tentative headcanon that his injury during the Applebuck Season episode was caused by a pretty gruesome fight with a manticore. Big Mac and Applejack managed to drive it away, with AJ sustaining mild injuries, but Big Mac came out of it with claw marks and a broken rib. He was nearly healed by the time Applebuck Season rolled around, but the injuries still ached, especially when pressure was put upon them.


And there we go. C:

As always, though, feel free to ask me questions if you have any of them. And thanks a bunch for stopping by to take a look!